One Night in Danforth
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We're heading up from Buffalo to Toronto in mid-June to see a show at the Danforth Music Hall. Where's a good place to stay, and is there anything particularly fun in the area we should plan to do while we're in town?

We have tickets to see the Fratellis at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto on June 22. Woo! Because of an otherwise busy week and weekend, however (we literally have tickets to another event in Buffalo at 2:00 PM the next day), we're pretty much just popping over the border for the concert and *maybe* a little something else before.

Are there decent places to stay within walking/public transport distance of the music hall, or should we plan on driving over from wherever we end up staying? (It looks like street parking and a "green lot" are our parking options).

Are there any must-do little fun things you'd recommend nearby (or awesome restaurants) that we should hit? We probably won't arrive until after noon the day of the show, which is at 7, and we'll leave first thing the next morning, so we'd be looking for mid-day/early evening activities for two adults on a Saturday. We like weird/quirky/creepy/unusual things and Really Good Food.
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Update, because I can't read a calendar today: the show is May 12, not June 22.
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I don't know of any hotels in the area, but the music hall is near a subway stop, so you can stay anywhere on the two subway lines and get to the concert easily.
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I haven’t personally stayed there, but the Toronto Don Valley Hotel would be a very quick hop down the Don Valley Parkway to the Danforth. That area (The Danforth) is great for Greek food so you might want to try that. If you stay at the Don Valley Hotel there’s the Aga Khan museum, which is pretty great.
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Oh but check but that the DVP is not closed that weekend, because if it is it will be Hell and don’t do that.
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Former resident of the immediate area here. There aren't actually any hotel options right in the immediate area, AFAIK.

But as mentioned above, Broadview subway station puts you a literal five-minute walk to the Music Hall, so if you're staying anywhere that has easy access to the subway it's super-easy to get to. Personally, I'd recommend hopping the subway to get there rather than driving.

Allen's, which is right beside the Music Hall, makes a darn fine burger. The Edmund Burke is a just a few doors down and is also quite good.

A pricier option is the Globe Bistro, which is right across the street, and every meal we've had there has been fantastic.
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Broadview and Danforth is a nice area- you will easily be able to find a lovely AirBnB.
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If you're into cheese, I really like Alex Farm Cheese's Danforth location, just a bit east of the concert venue. Service is sometimes a bit... chilly... depending on who you get, but they all really know their stuff and readily provide samples. They have olives, charcuterie, prepacked things, etc. as well.

2nd Globe for fancier food, Allen's for a great burger. Dora Keogh next to Allen's feels like one of the most Irish pubs in the city, if you like that kind of thing (which I do!)

For sweets, give Athen's a try for their loukoumades (sort of like Greek donut holes, but drenched in amazing honey syrup). Avoca is a new(?) gourmet chocolate shop tucked on a side street off the Danforth -- I haven't had anything from there yet but everything looked beautiful and unique, and they have gelato if it's a warmer day.

Really, save yourself the hassle and don't bother with the headache of driving/parking in Toronto, even if you find lodging in another part of town. The subway/TTC is usually quick and easy, and we have Lyft and Uber, for even more options.

I was excited to go to this show myself, until some travel plans got in the way -- I'm jealous! :) I hope you have an amazing time!!
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You don't mention a budget, but the Broadview Hotel is a new boutique hotel in a historic building (that was used as a strip club for years). It's a quick streetcar ride up to the Danforth Music Hall or it's a 2km walk with some decent views of the Don Valley.
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+1 Greek food. Lots of great choices there.

There's a cool little hippie shopping area called "Carrot Common" which is centered around an independent natural foods grocery called The Big Carrot. They have a nice crystal store and juice bar if that's your thing.
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Seconding Allan’s — it’s good food for sure. The Broadview Hotel would be a blast. They also have a fancy restaurant there, I’ve heard good things about the food.
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The Broadview is a great (not cheap) place to stay. I went to a show at the Danforth Music Hall this week and had dinner at the Globe beforehand - it was very good!
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For future readers, we stayed at the Mary-Am in North York (bare bones but does the job), took a very easy subway ride to and from the show (15 minutes walk and one train transfer) and the show (which was tonight) was FANTASTIC. Thanks, Metafilter!
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