Paris Metro / RER nagivation question
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I need to get from Villejuif to CDG in the morning, but I'm finding conflicting information about where (and how) I should transfer from the 7 line to RER B. Could use some advice from people familiar with the system.

The Metro 7 map seems to indicate that I can transfer to the RER B at Châtelet. But Google Maps tells me that I need to get off at Pont Neuf and walk to Châtelet - Les Halles. Even if I tell maps I want to travel from Châtelet itself, it still tells me I need to walk to Châtelet - Less Halles.

Is it because Châtelet is connected to (part of? one half of?) Châtelet - Les Halles and I'll be walking underground in Châtelet - Les Halles complex until I get to my transfer?

And what's up with Pont Neuf? Is that just Google Maps being weird?
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Best answer: Châtelet is enormous; it's a 750m walk from Line 7 to the RER. The map on Wikipedia shows the details. You can definitely walk and it will all be underground, just a long walk with a bunch of small staircases.

Google Maps is showing me an alternate route which has you taking the 7 to Place d'Italie, then the 6 to Denfert-Rocheraeau, then the RER to the airport. I've not done those exchanges but it's probably a lot less walking.
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Best answer: Châtelet is the Métro station; Châtelet-Les Halles is the RER station. There's also a Les Halles Métro station on line 4. As Nelson says, they're all joined together in a huge underground interchange. There are a couple of moving walkways (tapis roulants) between the Métro and RER which make it less of a slog. Google's mostly being weird: the above-ground walk from Pont Neuf to the RER is about the same distance, but no moving walkways.
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The CityMapper app is the best one for Paris, it shows 8 minutes' walk to change from line 7 to the RER B at Châtelet as the best option.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I transferred at Chatelet and it wasn't bad, since I didn't have any heavy bags with me.
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