Specific eyedrops to relieve eye pain after crying?
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Tomorrow I will be attending a funeral and cannot avoid crying. Every time I cry, my eyes are dry and painful for hours and I need a way to relieve that in a way that does not involve lying down, splashing water, or objects placed on my eyes.

Because you all were so helpful when I asked this question, the arrangements for my boyfriend's mom's funeral have gone ahead and the funeral itself is tomorrow. While I am there largely as a support person, I cannot avoid crying, which makes my eyes and head hurt terribly for hours afterward. I need a way to potentially alleviate some of this pain so that I can help my boyfriend through the reception and time with loved ones afterward.

I will not be able to:
-splash water on my face (I won't be able to reapply sunscreen or makeup)
-lie down
-put anything such as a compress or a mask on my eyes

Do you have any suggestions? Eyedrops would be ideal, but I need specifics on what kind might be helpful. They should be available in a brick and mortar store in the Los Angeles area, since I don't have time to order anything.
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Best answer: Systane Ultra

Artificial tears (just saline drops) won't cut it--obviously your eyes are plenty wet. Systane Ultra (and Systane Balance is good too, if you can't find Ultra) is a slightly greasy formula, if that makes sense, and it actually sticks to your eyeballs and forms a barrier instead of just moistening them.

They're not cheap, but they're very good.
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you need something that says "lubricant eye drops" or similar on the package. i have extremely severe dry eye such that i have super expensive rx eye drops, but before i got that prescription i had okay results from Refresh Optive Mega-3, which has flaxseed oil in it.

the tiny single use tubes are better than the larger bottles for repeated use bc the preservatives in the larger bottles can also be hard on dry eye.
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I have horribly dry eyes thanks to Sjogren's Syndrome, and use lubricant gel eye drops (the "gel" part seems especially important - the regular lubricant kind don't do much for me, and I suspect you would wash them out really quickly with your tears). I use and like these CVS brand Extra Strength Lubricant Gel Drops.
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Best answer: I can't offer eyedrop suggestions, but I do suggest making an effort to hydrate really well. I also get the headache from crying problem, and I think at least a little bit of it is that under stress I tend to forget to stay well-hydrated and that certainly doesn't help matters.
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The Systane stuff has been pretty good whenever I've used it, and I also really like Thera Tears. Nthing the suggestion that, whatever brand you choose, go for a gel lubricating eye drop whenever possible.
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Systane ultra vote here. A side effect of one of my meds is dry eye and they have worked better than anything else I have tried. Worth the money.
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Best answer: I find that gently applying pressure to the puffiness with the balls of my fingertips helps with the puffiness and the headache and is relatively unobtrusive to do while sitting in a service. Or you can go to the ladies room for a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can Pack a small case or compact with cotton pads soaked in a soothing liquid (salt water, a toner, weak tea) into your handbag. Or put a small baggie with them into your pocket. Use them, in lieu of a tissue, to gently press into your eyes at reasonable intervals. It will not be more obtrusive than wiping your eyes with tissue, but you can step into the ladies room to do it, if you're more comfortable.
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Best answer: Taking sudafed (actual pseudoephedrine, which you have to ask for at the pharmacy counter) has given me some relief after a Big Cry. It helps the eyes and nose to feel less soggy and swollen. A decongestant nasal spray might help too.
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