I need some ideas for an ontology/semantic web class project!
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I'm doing an independent study class on Ontology & the Semantic Web in my MSLIS program this semester and I'm kind of drawing a blank on what sorts of things I could do for a class project that aren't either too ambitious or too small potatoes. Any suggestions?

I'm still in the "selected readings" portion of the class and have found some great sources as far as readings go (although if you have any favorites, lay 'em on me), but my class terms are only ten weeks long, so I probably need to start brainstorming some final project ideas sooner rather than later.

I've glanced around online a bit, but a lot of what I've been turning up in the "ontology project" realm tends to assume a greater deal of coding knowledge than I could reasonably pull together in the next eight weeks or so. Technical skills-wise, I have Protege and know how to use it, but trying to learn SPARQL or something on the fly would probably be a tall order. (Unless SPARQL is radically easier to pick up than I'm assuming it is.)

If possible, I'd like to work on something that has some potential real world utility or contribute to an existing project online in some meaningful way. This isn't a requirement though; as long as it would be sufficiently impressive addition to a professional portfolio, that'll be just fine.

Any ideas? Or do you know of any great online resources where I could go to find ideas? Thank you!
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Best answer: Not sure this is quite up your alley, but develop a skill for Alexa?


This is related to ontology in that you have to define a system of representation labels for the utterances you're expecting from the users ("intent") as well as the elements inside the utterance ("entities"). It's a flat representation (no hierarchy) and there are no properties to the entities/classes, but it's a real world application and can be fun :)
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Best answer: Take a look at the Semantator project: https://sbmi.uth.edu/ontology/project/semantator.htm

They have a protege plugin for annotating Electronic Health Records. You could probably come up with a project using their ontology, or try using their plugin with a different ontology. Or try a different sort of document collection.
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