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Our local store had a run on the brand of CBD oil that we use to treat an adolescent's anxiety.

We have ordered more oil from the company's website, but it will take a couple of weeks to arrive. In the meantime, I wondered what people's experiences are using CBD capsules instead of oil to treat anxiety. Thanks! (I do want to stick with the brand I'm using, so won't look for other oils.)
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I’ve used both, and have defaulted to the oil out of laziness.
There doesn’t seem (to me) to be any difference, other than maybe it takes an extra 10-15 min to kick in.
Only downside? They float in the mouth, and taking it with a hot drink is a bad idea.
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Most CBD capsules are oil-filled, so the effect should be pretty-much the same, only a bit time-delayed, as whowearsthepants pointed out.
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I really prefer capsules, they’re so much easier.
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