Andouille, use or freeze by a month ago. Can I eat it?
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Package of Aidell's andouille sausage, not opened, kept refrigerated, use or freeze by date of March 8th. Can I make some jambalaya out of this tomorrow and not worry?
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Did you open it up and smell it? I wouldn't use it myself, unless I had frozen it (did you?). I mean, it's April 15th, and it's meat. What is your question? Should you eat meat from March 8th now? I would say no. Why is that a question? Go buy some new meat, for fuck's sake.
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I'm pretty relaxed about this sort of question, especially with processed meats, but I wouldn't do this. No nitrites (except celery powder, which is a natural nitrate), no potassium or sodium lactate means that you're basically relying on salt and the smoking process alone for preservation. I wouldn't.
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After you open it up you'll probably not want to eat it any more- old sausage gets gross and slimy.
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NO No nononononononono Oh WOW no.
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Don't do it.
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A week past, I would do and have done. Over a month past, nope.
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I would not eat a meat product that was a month past its use-by date, no. It's a $5 packet of sausages, just go buy another one.
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That's a nice tall glass of NOPE.
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Can I make some jambalaya out of this tomorrow and not worry?

Sure you can.

The worry won't start until you contemplate eating it.

I eat all kinds of random crap that's been lounging in the back of our fridge, but I wouldn't eat jambalaya if I knew it had slimy old expired sausage in it.
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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo no no no no no. Do not eat it.
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Sorry, but mishafletch, the celery powder is a substitute for nitrite, and is used (along with all of it's naturally occurring nitrite) in sausages and bacon so producers can prey on panic about additives. Nitrite acts to kill pathogens, especially botulism, that thrive in low oxygen warm environments like ground meat in a smoker. Salt and smoke have little to no effect on those pathogens, which makes any sausage or bacon actually made without nitrite more of a crapshoot than eating month old sausages.
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