ontario power blackout
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The power is out right now in a fairly large area around Owen Sound (Ontario, Canada.) Since last night. Anyone know why, or when it might come back on? Or where on the web I might find this information?
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Without knowing which power company you use, I can only provide this.
Your power company should have a service number, visible on their bill, that you can call to receive information about outages.

At least, that's how they do it in good ol' Arizona...
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I'm also a fan of just calling the power company.
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Best answer: A search on Google News pulled up this which says it was weather related.
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Response by poster: So far, it looks like maybe it was just a large number of individual outages caused by the storm, not a wide-area blackout like I initially thought. The Hydro One web site is probably the most relevant one, but it's somewhat useless (lots of power failures listed with no information about the cause or expected time of restoration.)
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Here's the Hydro One's Power Outages, Safety and Emergencies page for southern Ontario. This page details outage info for Owen Sound. Outages are given only as "forced" or "planned".
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