Netflix Shipping Facilities?
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I am looking for a site that lists all the Netflix shipping Facilities and their addresses? I think I found this once but cannot find it again? Can someone help, please?

I am specifically looking for the DFW address.
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Found a lot of disribution center lists on Hacking Netflix and Netflix Fan, but no DFW address. The Yahoo group may help, as it's still pretty active.
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This is one list without DFW on it. The cached version of the Netflix wikipedia page used to have this information [also copied to this page]. The Hacking Netflix page seems to think that the Dallas address is actually in McKinney which is also where Blockbuster's new location is. You may need to talk to the Hacking Netflix people, they seem pretty smart with this sort of thing.
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Nexflix Shipping Facility
P.O. box 9181
Coppell, TX 75019-9181
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Sidebar, is is possible to take tours of the Netflix shipping facilities?
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