"Blessed States of America"?
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Who wants to identify another lost strange fantasy book? I got it around 1991 in paperback. It had a cover by a famous artist whose name I also cannot recall -- Thomas something? -- who specializes in ethereal paintings of elven types, so I thought it would be a typical fantasy. It featured an alternate history with either a "Blessed States of America" or "Christian States of America," and a doomed naval expedition. There was something more disturbing about it, too. [cw: sexual abuse of a minor]

There was an extended fantasy sequence [?] from someone who wanted to be sexually abused by their teacher in front of a classroom. And the teacher was Thomas Jefferson.

I had an urgent appointment elsewhere around that point, and so I never did finish it. Am I making this up? Am I conflating it with something awful I read in the Amok catalog? An author like this can't have been totally forgotten.
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The illustrator might have been Thomas Canty? No leads on the book, though.
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Oh yes, definitely his work.
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Book covers by Thomas Canty. Maybe something will ring a bell?
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Could it be one of Gael Baudino's Water! series: O, Greenest Branch; The Dove Looked In; or Branch and Crown? Alt hist, includes people from the "Righteous States of America," but published later than '91.
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So I haven't read the book in question, but it looks like Canty illustrated a series by Anne Kelleher Bush that is set in an apocalyptic America. The first is called Daughter of Prophecy if that rings a bell.
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I think Iris is right, based also on this review that I found for it. No doubt I had the year wrong, but I definitely remember it being hard to follow before I decided to put it down —
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