How do I produce a calculating questionnaire in Microsoft Word?
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More specifically: How can I link multiple radio buttons to numeric values, and then have all values summed before showing the final score?

I'm trying to create a questionnaire in Microsoft Word. There are ~10 questions with multiple options available for an answer, but only one answer should be selected. Each answer for every question should be associated with a single value. The values range from as low as '0' to as high as '23'. At the end of the questionnaire, I want the user to be able to trigger an event (click a button, etc) where all values from all selected answers are calculated and the final number shown.

I'm having trouble finding out how to associate a radio buton with a value in Microsoft Word, how to calculate all 'chosen' values, and then how to make that final product visible. I'm fairly deft when it comes to scanning Google, stackexchange, reddit, etc and finding answers to questions like this. But I'm coming up blank, and not really even finding even a trail to follow. I feel like I've been looking for so long that I may have developed some search blindness, or potentially I'm just calling what I want by the wrong name.

Is this even possible with Microsoft Word? I'm no stranger to some light/med VBA, and I can hold my own with general Office syntax. Using Excel isn't an option, unfortunately, nor is using Access (which was my first choice). I'm not precious about the radio buttons, but only one value should be associated with each answer. My line of thinking of using them was to prevent multiple answers from being selected for the same question.

Can any MeFi Office gurus point me in the right direction?
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Using Excel isn't an option

What about an Excel object embedded in a Word doc? That was the first thing I thought of, though I have to admit even with that I'd be in the same boat as you, needing to Google to figure out how to do it. I'm fairly confident it IS doable in Excel though.
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I do things like this commonly in Google Forms linked to a Google Sheet. Most coworkers use Surveymonkey. Unless you are trying to "above and beyond" a school project, it probably would be in your best interest to use software designed for this purpose. Any extension you would install into microsoft word would likely stray from an original assignment enough where it wouldn't count, anyway.

Another thought, hypothetically, if you make a survey that is extremely well-worded and cleverly designed, it will "self-calculate" itself, and people won't answer incorrectly. For instance, have each person put in the number that they agree/disagree with each statement, then add them together for their final score. I mean, typically, people may be motivated enough to do that final calculation themselves.
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