The impact of wanting to be liked online
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What books, long form articles, research papers (or even tweetstorms or podcast episodes) explore how individuals are affected by the online social feedback system of things such as likes, favorites, claps, followers, replies, retweets? Seeking research into how humans, as social creatures seeking to fit into the group, have been impacted by getting constant feedback online by total strangers.

Hopefully research on this has been done! I'm particularly interested in, but not exclusively, in how different personality types might be affected in different ways — do extroverts suffer more or less than introverts if they don't get as many likes as they expect on a Facebook post, for example.
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Jonathan Haidt, a psychologist at NYU, has a lot to say about 'one-to-many' platforms like Instagram and Facebook in this interview.

Haidt references the research of Jene Twenge, who summarizes it in "Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?"
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Paralinguistic Digital Affordances.... Basically research has shown that there are so many ways to interpret and misinterpret a like or other signal that they are pretty hard to understand from an empirical perspective. <3 is a good example... It could mean I love it or I'm sending you love.

If you search for this phrase on Google scholar you'll find some open access versions of these studies.
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The End of Absence by Michael Harris explores some of these ideas.
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Maybe a bit of a tangent, but the excellent book So You've Been Publicly Shamed is about some possible downsides.
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Exactly what I was looking for, wjfitzy and k8t, thank you!

I've read the other two books recommended already and they weren't quite related to what I was trying to research with this question but I enjoyed them when I read them!
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