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It's almost Valentine's day, I've just had a bad breakup and I'd like to buy myself a nice box of chocolate. What should I buy?

I'm adventurous and willing to try something unusual. I'd like a box of chocolate that is good quality, perhaps hand crafted, maybe a sampler. Mostly I want it to taste really really good. I'm trying to treat myself here.

There's a bunch of good looking stuff out there, and I've done some searches, but what actually tastes good? I like dark chocolate a lot, would be interested in some variety. But I'm trying to do a step above a Whitman's Sampler from the corner drugstore.

Bonus points if I've never heard of it before! Also nothing outrageously expensive.
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The Godiva G collection is pretty decent and easy to get. If you have a chocolate shop nearby, just stop in and ask for a recommendation. El Rey, Scharffen Berger, and the other stuff you can find at Whole Foods isn't bad either..
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Joseph Schmidt Confections. Good stuff.
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I'd gorge myself on Lindt of all kinds, but there's another good chocolate whose name escapes me now. I'd also go for a lot of Cadbury's (Canadian version) for an affordable feast.

And potato chips. And wine.

And Bernard Callabaut. Lots of Bernard Callabaut. And a bit of Purdy's. And some Rogers*, for good measure.

More potato chips, and maybe I'd switch to Stolichnaya vodka.

*I'm in Victoria, BC, Canada.
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Another source of quite fun and unusual chocolates is Vosges Chocolate. They're decidely non-traditional flavours, and I can personally vouch that the exotic truffle collection was delicious!
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I love the vosges stuff. Their caramel sets are a little weird, but the exotic truffle collection is great.
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Are there any small-batch stores in Tucson that make their own? Maybe the Chocolate Iguana on 4th or maybe the Choc-a-lot?

Savannah - if you like Stolis, give Finlandia a try
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These Pierre Marcolini chocolates are amazing. Cool Hunting agrees.
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I love the Frango chocolates sold by Marshall Field's department store in Chicago, and you can buy it online.
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Response by poster: I like the Chocolate Iguana, have never tried Choc-a-lot, but was hoping for something more exotic. Plus Choc-a-lot seems to cater to the sugar free audience. And I'd like sugar!

Vosges looks really amazing - so the exotic collection is actually good? Wow. Wasabi, vinegar and anise! I would never think to put those things with chocolate.
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Scharffen Berger has fantastic dark chocolate. Also, maybe Jacques Torres?
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Bernard Callebaut

Jacques Torres Chocolate

La Maison du Chocolat


Moonstruck Fine Chocolate

Sans Souci


Vosges -- I second Joh (above).


Of all of the above ... if asked what I would choose for the desert (or is that dessert?) island, I'd have to choose Teusher's Champagne Truffes
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i thought this was a good review from last year.

also, seconding scharffen berger dark.
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Oh -- and I also second hooray's choice of Jacques Torres.
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See if there is a local chocaltier. There's nothing like chocolates that were made today.
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Callebaut, Purdy's, Godiva.
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Sounds like you need to pick your chocolate, melt it down, and pour it on some ice cream.
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Response by poster: Man, this all looks wonderful! Thank you!!!
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i'd get a few bars of green&blacks.
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ericb knows his stuff. La Maison du Chocolat is the best I've ever tried, with Teuscher's Champagne Truffles a close second.
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Yes, try Vosges!
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L.A. Burdick does it for me. But try to find somebody local; nothing compares to fresh.
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I also recommend Vosges or Jacques Torres.
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Dilettante chocolates. If you are trying to eschew romance, how about a dark chocolate salmon?
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For unusual, I just discovered Dolfin chocolate. They do great weird stuff - cumin and Earl Grey and cardamom and lemongrass chocolates. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for surprisingly affordable sampler boxes.
The truth is, the chocolate is very high quality and it's interesting to taste such oddities as milk chocolate with black pepper, and the ones with the chewy bits of ginger are outstanding, but in the end I discovered I'd rather have something more traditional. Or yum, Toblerone.

Also, Torres, it turns out, lives in my building, but did he bring chocolate to the holiday potluck in the lobby? No. No, he didn't. Humph.
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I have fond memories connected to Neuhaus (online shop--avoid their annoying flash intro).

You're in Arizona, it looks like. Don't forget See's Candies at the mall for somebody more local. They're definitely a step above Whitman's or Fannie Farmer, despite the corny, homespun exterior.

Local la-de-la chocolatier in my area is B. T. McElrath. They can be pretty good, and they offer those bizarro "try me on a dare" chocolates like green tea or zinfandel balsamic vinegar, if that's what you're looking for.
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You can get the Dolfin samplers at Whole Foods, speaking of that place and that chocolate.
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Check out this list of Geneviève Grandbois' chocos.

But a slab of Dolfin's pink peppercorn or fresh ginger dark choco would cure most broken hearts, it's true.
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Cocoa Mill. Here you go.
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Screw Godiva, et. al. You want Valrhona. You will be spoiled forever.
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Valrhona is nice, but if you want to do a real chocolate tasting you have to go to these guys, Pralus.

Single origin beans, premier cru. Buy a stack of 12, a few glasses of different red wine (start with a light red, end up with a tannin-rich Cabernet, or maybe a port) and see how the flavor combos do their thing. Like tasting good wines, cheeses, olives, or meats, this stuff is the ne plus ultra.

With good chocolate, you should know how to taste it, too.
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Lots of excellent recommendations above, and here's yet another: Black Hound's truffles, any variety. A goodly number of my holiday/whatever presents come from BH -- not to mention the too-frequent personal indulgences.

mulkey, how the hell are you going to choose? Please, please post a followup!
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Response by poster: Well the good thing about having all of these choices is that I'm sure I'll just HAVE to sample more at a later date. :)

I'd have to say that my favorites (given the votes and the websites) are looking to be Vosges, Jacques Torres and Teusher (those champagne truffles look mighty good - do you think they would come in an assortment?).

Thanks to everyone for the advice!
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If you're still reading...another vote for Vosges...also, Valhrona is terrific but Vosges is really unique. They often offer free samples in their stores and sometimes send along an extra candy bar or other treat with shipments. Mmm.
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