What do you call this type of glass?
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I bought this drinking glass for 25 cents at a ReStore in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Imgur link to a pic of the glass. I *LOVE* it -- it looks great (there's a wavy quality to the glass) and feels great while you're holding it and drinking from it! It was by its own lonesome in the store. I would like to know if anyone knows what this type of glass is called so I can buy more!
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It reminds me of a lot of Mexican glassware I've seen. Maybe try looking at collections of tall Mexican glassware?
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It is not a pint glass. It is not a collins glass. I'd call it a water glass. I recomend making an ice cream soda or root beer float in it, with just a bit of beverage alcohol. It might be a tumbler but those are smaller I think.
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Perhaps it is a collins. Here is a chart.
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I don't know of any particular special name for it; I associate this style of textured glassware with the 70s/80s. An etsy search for "textured glasses" turns up similar things. (It's a little bit difficult to tell from your picture how much is the texture of the glass and how much is water. )

You might like handblown glasses too, they have a nice wavy/natural feel to them.
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I saw some similar glasses at the Dollar Tree store.
Mexican handblown glass seems to match your glass.
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Mexican handblown glass usually has tiny bubbles embedded in the glass. I don't think that's what your glass is, but Mexican glasses are also really nice-feeling and are also worth investigating.
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Try googling “hammered glass tumbler”.
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“Hammered smoke glass tumbler” gets you even closer.
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I bought this triton tumbler as a gift this winter from Anthropologie & am in love with it. It looks similar to what you're looking for https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/triton-tumbler
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Could it be a Tag bubble glass or an Artland Iris glass?
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You might look at 'Icy Glass' - mid-century Scandinavian glass often had a deliberate crystal/wavy texture and felt good in the hand. Some of the designers are super collectible so the prices might be high on pieces like pitchers or candlesticks but I bet you could put together a pretty good set of single/'orphan' drinking glasses.
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If you've got some time to kill, the Libbey company has digitized yearly glassware catalogs starting from 1968.
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