Looking for tinted lip balm that's not shimmery.
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I just want a bit of color, without shimmer. I've been duped before - sample swatches and packaging that looks like it shouldn't be shimmery, but as soon as I open the package the actual lip balm is. Do you have recommendations? I'm looking for drugstore brands, but if you have a favorite from a fancier brand, I'll take a look at it too. Oh, also, I don't want lip balm you have to touch with your fingers to use.
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Burts' Bees has a nice non-shimmery tinted lip balm. (They also have a shimmery one.)
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I swear by Burt's Bees tinted lip balm. (You have to get that particular one: they have other ones that are shiny.) I like Rose and Red Dahlia.
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Not a drugstore brand, but Clinique have chubby sticks that I like.
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I use the Burt's Bees - quite sheer and nice lip balm. I have also taken a lipstick that I liked and melted an old lip balm, added lipstick to color it, because I had a fair amount of lip balm and I seldom wear lipstick. 1:3 lipstick:lip balm or thereabouts.
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Oops, just realized Clinique says the chubby sticks have a subtle sheen. I don't find them to be very shiny.
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Also came into say burts bees tinted balm
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How do you feel about scent? Maybelline Baby Lips in cherry is good except for the overpowering scent (they do make shimmery ones also, beware!). I got used to the fragrance after a while, no one else seems to notice. Currently using Revlon Kiss in apple, which is similar.

On preview: I had a Burt's Bees balm that was so minty it burned my lips. This was years ago, hopefully they've changed it.
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I'm partial to Neutrogena's tinted lip balm. It's actually my go-to lipstick.
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Wet n Wild's Pout & Love is pretty sheer and moisturizing. Maybe a hint more lipstick than lip balm, but you can apply is successfully without a mirror. The shade I have, love, doesn't have any shimmer.

You have to order it online, but Shiro Cosmetics makes a great tinted lip balm that's not at all shimmery.
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The Fresh Sugar ROSÉ tinted lip balm is my only beauty splurge. I love it so, so much. Sephora sometimes has these in mini-packs around the holidays if you want to try multiple colors.
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In the past I've actually separated the tinting step from the lip balm step - Benefit's Benetint is a liquid stain that adds a bit of color and zero shimmer, and you can put your normal (uncolored) lip balm on top if you want to.

Otherwise, I also really like the Fresh Sugar ROSÉ that Mouse Army linked above.
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I have this tinted lip balm from Neutrogena and it has absolutely zero shimmer. There are several other colors.
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Pixi By Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm has color without shimmer. It has a LOT of color actually. Moisturizes well and smells nice.

Clinique chubby sticks are good, they have sheen due to moisturizing stuff, not from glitter. I don't think they moisturize as well as Burt's Bees or the Pixi balm though.

Also fun, Winky Lux Flower Balm. Kind of a novelty product but I like mine. It changes color once you put it on, moisturizes okay and is super cute to use.

Lots of beauty blogs swear by Maybelline Baby Lips but I found the formulation drying.
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Also coming in to recommend the Fresh Sugar Rose. It's amazing. I got it in a sampler at some point and totally fell in love. It's worth every penny.
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Burts Bees is my recommendation too. I HATE lipstick but this stuff gives me a nice pop of light color and zero shimmer.
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Lipstick Queen's Medieval is really moisturizing, doesn't contain any shimmer, and doesn't need to be applied with your fingers. I often reach for it instead of lip balm. It's not a drugstore brand, but ULTA carries it. Eden and Mornin' Sunshine are similarly moisturizing.

I used to use the tinted lip balms from Fresh, but they turn into utterly melty messes on me every single time. Some of them do have a faint shimmer, so you may want to double-check specific shades in person.
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It looks like Burt's Bees is a popular answer. Thank you everyone, I'll try that first, but I'll look at all the suggestions.

I have the Pixi lip balm already, though - and it definitely has shimmer!
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Some of the Nivea lip balms advertise a “touch of color” — check the blackberry, watermelon, cherry, strawberry and peach flavors/shades. I can verify that the cherry has no shimmer and, since they have one type that advertises shimmer, I suspect you’re safe with the other fruit flavors.
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Nnth-ing Burt’s Bees.

I hate lipstick and particularly loathe shimmer, but I absolutely love the way BB’s Red Dahlia feels and looks. It makes me look like I have naturally really good lips. Win.
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I am not a makeup-y person (my daily makeup is BB cream + non-shimmery lip balm. Occasionally concealer) so I feel you. I live for Benefit's tinted lip balms. It's one of the only products I have ever bought multiples of because I use it up so often due to my adoration of it. They are packaged like twist-up lipsticks. Lollibalm and Posiebalm are both solid sheer pinky colors.
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Holika Holika Holy Berry Jelly Tint - very good!
Secret Key Secret Kiss Chubby Jelly Tint Pack - also not bad
Missha Poptastic Jelly Tint - too.
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I haven't tried them as I'm outwith the US, but Colourpop's Blotted Lips might be what you are after.

Revlon also do 'matte balm' sticks, though I think some of them may have been discontinued.
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Burt’s Bees Red Dahlia, as someone mentioned above, is a great choice. Hyacinth also looks nice, especially if your complexion isn’t super fair and pinkish/cool.

Almay has a product out — smart shade butter kiss — that’s pretty close to the old (now discontinued) cult fave, Revlon lip butters. They’re not *super* hydrating but they won’t dry out your lips.

My favorite inexpensive tinted balm is actually Palladio tinted lip balm, in the shade Brownie. The shade comes very close to Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey but it feels more moisturizing on my lips.

Moving into high end brands, I really, really like Surrat Beauty’s Lipsliques and Chantecaille’s Lip Chics. These both straddle the line between lipstick and tinted balm, and are both very moisturizing for my (super picky) lips.

YSL’s tint-in-balm is another $$$ product that is hydrating, although I oddly prefer their glossy stains for hydrating lip color.
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The Chapstick Total Hydration tinted moisturizer rivals the Burt’s Bees of which I’m also a fan.
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