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What could possibly be a logial explanation for a person to have several seeds and husks of multiple varieties impacted in the sinuses and skin around the nose? Let's assume this female does not, and has not in the past, have a diet of bird food.
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Best answer: Accidentally hit in the face by a seed bomb
Faceplanted into the garden bed
Cosplaying the Green (Wo)Man
Performance art memento mori piece involving the body returning to earth/soil
Organic skincare routine gone wrong
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Best answer: Occupational: explosion in facility that for some reasons sorts lots of different kinds of seeds simultaneously

Flooding with extremely precise timing
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Best answer: A crafty lady who was very moved by Annihilation.
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Response by poster: These are amazing, thank you. :)
However, I am still thoroughly baffled about my current health "condition..."
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Best answer: Hit in the face, ineptly trying to catch a bride's bouquet.
Slips on banana peel, falls on centerpiece.
Pulls on sweater worn for gardening previously, scrapes face with plant detritus. Sneezes. Inhales. Sneezes again.
Soap with embedded bits of flowers and seeds.
Potpourri malfunction.

...are we writing fiction or actually trying to figure out how it happened? Or how it could? Or both? Or is someone out there with seeds in her face?
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Best answer: Another: secret love affair with Everything bagel. The evidence doesn't lie.
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Response by poster: I do indeed have seeds in my face.
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Best answer: Sleeping in the yard when someone went by with a mechanical seed spreader

Practical joke

Selected to be the next Gaia and going through metamorphosis
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Best answer: Motorcycle rider.
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So you just saw them there one day and have no memory of getting them?
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I think we need more information about your current condition. How did you discover the seeds? How long have they been there? How did you find out you have seeds in your sinuses?
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Best answer: Could you have had them blown at/in your while riding a bike?
Hiking on a very windy day?
Do you sleepwalk?
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Response by poster: So you just saw them there one day and have no memory of getting them?
I developed a staph infection in my sinuses 4 months ago. The seeds and husks are pushing their way out now through painful boils.
Through this I discovered such things as that my hearing in both ears was severely limited and well, I can breathe through my nose now.
I don't have any recollection of any injury or trauma to the area involving nature.
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Can you describe this skin detritus? I know you're naming it as seeds and husks but that is so radically unlikely that I think we need more data.
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Best answer: could you have inhaled them in the breeze or got a face full of this stuff years ago and it's working its way out, like old bullets?
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Are you looking for plausible theories that will help you jog your memory re: how this could actually have happened or dramatic ones that will amuse and delight those listening to descriptions of your current plight?
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Best answer: Eating something with seeds and aspirating it somehow (vomiting, choking, sneeze gone very wrong).

I assume you know yourself well enough to know whether you’d be likely to have gotten high enough to make a weird choice, or take any medications with a likelihood of sleepwalking.
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Like did a doctor confirm these are seeds or is this your closest approximation of what they might be?
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Best answer: Do you ride a bike, drive a car with the windows down, mow a lawn or otherwise go fast in outside areas with exposure to air? It really just takes one windy day to inhale stuff like that, and if you were particularly mucusy or allergic already, your membranes might have held on to them until you developed said infection.
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Best answer: Oh wow. Ok not Ill-fated romance with everything bagel.

Aspiration is a good theory.

Generally inhaling stuff is really unpleasant, even a bug. Something with a shell would be awful. But I guess that’s ...not to be gross.. but what mucous and nose hairs are for. So maybe the introduction wasn’t noticeably violent but they entered more gently and got wedged.

Do you have pictures of the seeds or can you find a match for any on image results, or do you have any idea what type of seeds they are?

I’m sorry, that sounds like not a lot of fun.
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Best answer: Aspiration is probably the most likely theory, and if your immune system was suppressed by an infection that you’re now treating, that might explain why your body’s usual functions of expelling foreign debris didn’t get these guys out. That being said, I would seriously consult with the doctor about this — the stuff that looks like seeds could be impacted biomatter of your own, like infection pockets of dead skin or dead tissue or comedone build up, that you might need to get debrided or removed in case they rupture or go septic. I’ve also had friends who went on vacations to jungle areas and picked up some serious fungal infections of their sinuses that both ate away at a lot of the tissue there and produced some foreign matter, and if something like that is going on, some additional infection that you’re dealing with, you definitely need to address that as well as the staph infection. Sending you good healing vibes, this sounds like a really unpleasant situation to be going through and I hope you resolve it as quickly as you can.
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See a doctor.

Seeds are very unlikely to be working their way out of boils, but depending on your location and where you've been, some kind of parasite could be.
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Best answer: A particularly fierce windstorm with blown debris?

A drunken evening vomiting up items that ended up in the sinuses with caustic stomach acid, and ended up in scar tissue?
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Response by poster: They are seeds. Please. Seeds.
Confirmed by a doctor and seven 3rd parties whom I've showed them to, which then, "Holy shit those are seeds," appears to be default response. Honestly just wondering if this is something I should have looked into like is food getting my sinuses, this appears to be the most logical suggestion shared here, thank you. I guess this isn't a common occurrence. However I do very much appreciate the abundance of joke material, I'll definitely add those to my own running list.
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Best answer: (Sorry, this will be a bit gross) Sometimes I if I cough or sneeze when I've just taken a bite of something some food will go from the back of my throat up into the back of my nasal passages, and maybe a bit into my sinuses I guess. Then I have to go through a whole thing of trying to get the food to go back down into my throat.

I can imagine that your seeds could have ended up lodged as they are due to a similar incident; maybe you were eating an everything bagel or some other seedy type of food, some of the seeds went up through the back of your throat, but not all of them made their way back out via the throat.

I'm sorry you're going through this. I hope it's resolved relatively quickly.
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Help me out here, it's the late end of a long day and I think I'm not understanding correctly. There are seeds trappped in your sinuses, and identical objects in your skin? Or there's a nasty sinus infection and then things in the skin?
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Best answer: We remember the sneezes, not the gaps between them. In my case, that's show I send up with bit of carrot embedded in my sinuses.

My bet is on a now-forgotten bagel.
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Response by poster: @cmyk
Very nasty staph infection in sinuses. Literally were holes so deep that air was coming through when I breathed. Mostly healed now but boils keep popping up around where the sinuses would be beside my nose, and seeds or husks come out of them. 5 have come out this week. I wholy do not suggest attempting this, or any variation of, for a good time.
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Best answer: I am very glad to hear that they're seeds!

I happen to have read a bunch of stories of the course over time of bullet wounds suffered in the US Civil War, and a feature common to many accounts is a bullet lodged in flesh which then, over many days or even weeks wanders around in circuitous course and ends up far from the point of entry.

From all the descriptions of accompanying channels of pus and the like, contemporary readers can recognize that an infection surrounding the bullet must have eaten it's way through the tissues to the allow the bullet to wander as it did.

I think a very similar thing happened with you and the staph infection.

You got seeds up in your sinuses at the same time you had a staph infection; the infection coated the seeds; and then the infection coated seeds ate their way into your tissues and now they're coming out -- thank goodness!

After all, many seeds have evolved to be able to fall on the ground and then use random forces and motions to work their way down into the soil.
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Holes between where and where? Was there surgery?

Your ENT has nothing to say about it? They aren't like....really really concerned?
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So, you’ve seen a doctor and s/he confirmed that they are seeds? Did they not have any theory about where these seeds came from?
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I would think of a strong sneeze that occurred while eating something with seeds in it, causing a lodging of these items from the oropharynx to the nasal cavity. See this.
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just wondering if this is something I should have looked into

Yes. This is definitely something to talk to a doctor about, during an appointment, with follow-up care. It’s not too late, since it’s still happening.
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Please see an ENT. This is very, very unusual.
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I think OP saw a doc, got this confirmed, and is now in the WTF phase....hope you are seed-free soon OP.
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Do you take Ambien? It is known for producing sleep-walking and sleep-eating that the user does not remember.
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Is it at all possible that someone (including yourself) put seeds up your nose or in your mouth while you were sleeping?
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Have you ever vomited so hard that it came out your nose? When this happens to me, I usually spend a week after blowing my nose and catching food-vomit chunks in my tissues. This seems like a likely way to get seeds from food embedded in your sinuses. As a kid, I'd also be blowing bits of plant matter out of my nose for days after we finished the haying. Have you been helping out on any farms lately?
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Where have you been sleeping?
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Also, where are there seeds in your environment? Everything bagels? Multigrain crackers? Someone sowing flower seeds nearby? Do you have mice or squirrels in the house?
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How big are these seeds? What kind are they? Unless I missed something, nobody has asked this. If you ID them, beyond "it looks like birdseed"... that might help you pinpoint their origin.

My serious guess would be something you ate went up your sinuses.

My fun guess would be that squirrels decided to hide their spoils in your sinus cavities. Or, that you are in actuality a hamster.
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What kind of seeds do these resemble? Size, shape, color, texture? Can they be opened? Do you have pics?

If you know what they are it’d be easier to determine the origin (e.g., grass seeds could be from lying in a field, plant seeds could be from farm or garden work or could have blown off a vehicle, strawberry seeds could be from a strawberry smoothie you drink a lot and reflux pushes up undigested bits, critters could be stashing birdseed in your vents or pilllows, etc. etc. etc.)

I’m glad the dr confirmed they’re seeds because my catastrophic thought was eggs of some kind. I’m upset for you that the dr didn’t have anything to add about this other than to confirm they’re definitely seeds, wtf.
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Do you have children? Do they have access to bird seed? Do you sleep?
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Let me make sure I understand what you're describing.

You had a staph infection, presumably diagnosed via culture, in your sinuses so severe that it created fistulas that tunneled from your paranasal sinuses through the connective tissues, muscle, and skin of your face, opening directly to the environment. You had multiple open holes in your face through which air could pass.

These holes were not surgically repaired, nor were you hospitalized for observation. It's unclear if you took antibiotics to treat your staph infection, but the fistulas themselves were allowed to heal on their own.

Now, some amount of time later, you have recurrent boils that are erupting through the skin on either side of your nose. These boils contain seeds of some unknown origin. The seeds are not coming out of your nostrils themselves, as would happen if you'd inhaled something accidentally, but rather they are pushing through the skin of your face via these boils.

Is this a correct description of your symptoms?

If so, this is (as I'm sure you're aware) a profoundly unusual constellation of clinical symptoms. It is urgent that you document your current symptoms by taking detailed pictures of the boils and resultant seeds as they appear, and seeking immediate medical care.
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All the explanations I can think of are things that a specialist doctor would be more familiar with. For example, I've heard of fungi getting into the sinuses through inhaling spores, or Neti Pot use with tap water causing parasites or other tiny growing things to be introduced to the sinuses. I'm sure there are parasites and other tiny creatures out there that form cysts or lumps that could be mistaken for seeds (like how some tapeworm segments look just like sesame seeds).

I'd be really worried about seeing a doctor, if just to make sure that whatever is happening is only happening in the outward direction.
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Confirmed by a doctor and seven 3rd parties whom I've showed them to, which then, "Holy shit those are seeds," appears to be default response.

Showed to your ENT in a clinical setting? Or shown to a doctor in a social setting?

Because that does not sound like a clinical diagnosis. Whereas, "Oh you're a doctor? Could you take a look at this baggie of facial nose seeds?" might get that response.
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Confirmed by a doctor and seven 3rd parties whom I've showed them to

before or after removal? because if you show any foreign object to your doctor that is not in your body _at the time you show them_, they will think "morgellons" if they have heard of that, and not worry about a physical problem they might have any responsibility for fixing.

so if you see something disturbing, don't move or remove it before going to a doctor. If you do, you may be humored but not believed, no matter what you show them. to get help you will have to not just identify the object but convince a doctor that it came from where you say it did. this will be extremely difficult.

to be clear, if they don't believe these objects came from where you suspect they did, they should be referring you to a psychiatrist, not just nodding and moving on. so no matter what they think, they're not giving you good treatment.
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Ignoring the seeds issue for now, I would not consider the sinus holes/fistula healed if you’re experiencing deep painful boils. To me, that’s an emergency I wouldn’t hesitate to seek care for, so it’s baffling if the doctor in your response is your doctor in a clinical setting.
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Response by poster: I know for certain that I've yet to meet a single medial professional who's displayed any concern even in very emergency settings
That being said, imagine for a second a very thin heavily tattooed woman with a staph sinus infection, holes in her face, mental health history and who's claims of fucking indentifyable small objects coming out of her skin, and whom, whilst she had a 5 week bacterial fever and substantial swelling to her face 1cm from her brain, did indeed speak to people in very stange rhymes and metaphors...... you can clearly gather that the closest thing I get to "concern" is a corncern that I instead have a big drug problem.

In short, finding and obtaining treatment for said problem has been a series of very carefully placed steps and words.

My own response to the situation has been all of the above and then some, and has finally settled on humor. Really what else do you do with something so unbelievably obscure. It's been.... an "adventure."

So while all of this causes my logic to fail me here, you all were the objective strangers who didn't have all that info. And who, (I'd absolutely put my money on it now) found something so simple I'd overlooked:
It was probably a fucking bagel.
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Best answer: When I was a teenager, I had a friend who suffered from pretty bad acne. At one point, he developed a really monstrous inflammation on the side of his nose. It was huge and kind of disfiguring. None of said anything, because Jesus, poor guy. It persisted—and grew—for weeks, if I recall correctly. Then, one day, it was gone. At that point, we felt free to say, “Hooray! That fucking thing healed! You got your nose back.” And then he told us that it turned out to be totally unrelated to his acne. Weeks earlier he was riding his bike and got whacked in the face by some foliage. He seemed reasonably uninjured, and thought no more about it, but it just so happened that a bit of the branch lodged itself in his face. Fast forward to gross infection. Once removed, he healed quickly.

Is it possible you were biking or jogging or drunk walking, and unexpectedly met a plant, and thought nothing of it?

Or—and this is a long shot—did you perhaps visit the doomed Federation colony on Omicron Ceti III recently?
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Response by poster: Oh straight up healthwise:
I still have the staph infection. I've autoimmune issues and multiple antibiotic allergies, hence the occasional "flares" which cause boils. I am waiting to see an immunology specialist to hopefully resolve this for good.
While I think/hope it's more likely that the seeds came from a food item and were entrapped during the acute infection stage, I will look into whether there was more extensive/permanent damage to my sinuses, thank you for all of the advice .
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Best answer: How are your teeth?

I ask because the sinuses right next to your nose are the maxillary sinuses, and foreign bodies in the maxillary sinuses often come from the mouth, and are forced up in there past, or through, the teeth.

So the seeds very well may have originated from something like a bagel.
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Best answer: Also came here to suggest teeth. If you've had a molar or premolar pulled from your upper jaw it's totally possible that there's direct communication (a hole) between your mouth and maxillary sinus. Are all the seeds on one side? Are they recognizably food, like sesame seeds or oat husks?
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Response by poster: @pullayup
You win: there were 2 fragments of tooth roots that must've been forgotten during long-ago impaction surgery by a careless dentist stuck up in there that have now been removed. Geez!
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