It's tricky to rock a rhyme (in Mandarin) (when I don't speak Mandarin)
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Can you help me find the Mandarin version of "It's tricky" by Run-DMC? I have heard it, and i Must hear it again.

I got into a Lyft a few weeks ago and the driver was listening to some AMAZING Mandarin pop music. It was some sort of Mandarin-language remix of Run-DMC's 'it's tricky' (the hook of that song was in english and the rest was in Mandarin) and it Blew My Mind. The hits kept coming after that. Is there a name for this genre? Where can I hear that particular song and others in a similar vein? my searching abilities are non-existent in Mandarin, and I couldn't find the song, though I am SURE it is out there. Please help me to listen to that song again!

Thank you!
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Some similar artists: check out the contestants from Rap of China and Bohan Phoenix's songs, e.g. JALA. They all drop bars in both English and Mandarin.
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