Where can I find a Big Dumb Arrow Javascript library?
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I have an extremely basic website with a link to a file. When the user clicks on that link, I want the download to start and for a big arrow to appear pointing at where the download is happening (bottom left toolbar for Chrome, the download arrow at the top right for Firefox, etc.). Like this site does. Surely someone has written a javascript library that detects the browser and points an arrow at the appropriate location, right? Seems like a really common use case, but I'm having trouble tracking such a thing down. Where can I find one?
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Does that one you linked to even work reliably correctly? If you already have other stuff downloading, won't it point to the wrong file?
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There are so many scenarios where this wouldn't point to the right place even with correct browser detection and 100% accurate information about where downloads appear by default in every (currently) existing version that it seems foolish to even attempt this as it will be more confusing than not trying at all.
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This seems to do what you're after:

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As far as Firefox goes, that download arrow/indicator is repositionable, so it may not be in the default position. Mine is dead center, just after the url field. The upper right is taken up by icons for AdBlock, Ghostery, etc. Your pointer would be aimed at the wrong spot for me.
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That script will do the trick, thanks!

It doesn't work on the Mac for Safari, but it does work for Chrome, Firefox, and IE on Windows and Chrome on the Mac.

Like Thorzdad says, it is slightly off position in my Firefox, but it does draw the eye into the general right direction. So I'm hoping that'll be enough to help the people who say things like "I don't see any download arrow anywhere!"
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