Recent post on the Blue featuring a home-rolled newspaper archive?
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Within the past 60 or 30 days there was a post concerning a *very* idiosyncratic website devoted to archiving small-town newspapers from a local area of the mid-atlantic states, I think in Pennsylvania, which over time has become one of the largest online local-newspaper archives on the web. The site relies on a number of questionable technology decisions and UI implementations, but remains unique. Unfortunately, google and/or site searches for 'newspaper archive' and variants didn't do the trick for me.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: No biggie but questions about "what was this Mefi post" belong on Metatalk instead -- go ahead and post this over there. -- LobsterMitten

Response by poster: Tag hunts on the blue with 'newspaper' 'archive' 'history' and 'journalism' came up empty too.
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