More jazz like this, please?
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I've stumbled across two jazz albums that, to my great surprise, have something akin to the chugging, playful, noise-funky tunes I loved on the first Lounge Lizards record from many years ago. They are Francesco Bearzatti Tinissima Quartet's first two CDs: Suite for Tina Modotti (YT) and X (Suite for Malcolm) (YT).

I'm not a frequent jazz listener, but my eclectic ears are now convinced there must be more artful, groove-driven, energetic, intelligently melodic, occasionally entropic, fun stuff like this out there - right?
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That Lounge Lizard You-tube tune sounds suspiciously like a take-off of the theme to Peter Gunn, a detective series from the early 1960s
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I don't know if I've correctly triangulated the samples you provided, but my best guess is you want jazz records that are more arranged, while still being experimental and bluesy. You may want to try out Bobby Previte or Ben Goldberg. For a rougher, older take, consider Henry Threadgill's Air or even Charles Mingus. If you want super-smooth and arranged, Oliver Nelson's Blues and the Abstract Truth may hit the spot.

And just because I'm currently obsessed with them, I'll add The Necks.

If any of these hit a chord, feel free to memail me, and I'll see if I can recall other artists that you might be interested in.

Happy listening!
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Great suggestions above! I'll add Steven Bernstein's Sex Mob and Jeff Parker's solo work.
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Thanks both - listening now!
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There is a lot of music out there like this. Jazz is an incredibly vague label that everything gets shoved under which makes it harder to pin point things like this, but there's plenty. The above suggestions are excellent.

I'd recommend checking out Bill Frisell and some of the stuff he's done. A lot of blurring and blending between blues, jazz, folk, and rock.

Maybe some of Dave Douglas' music, or Matt Ulery.

The Francesco Bearzatti tracks kind of reminded of an album from composer/trumpeter, James Davis.
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- Bobby Previte's Sunrise is inventive and pulls together a mean bunch of entropy and orchestration, but it's missing the groove; browsing further, I found more of that in some of his tracks with Charlie Hunter (Red Stray Days, All Hell Broke Loose, and especially in Airstrip One (with Steve Bernstein) and Look Both Ways .

- Threadgill's Air is a bit too free, Ben Goldberg I'm not so sure about either, Oliver Nelson is all laid back&cool, and that Mingus has a great mix of elements, but is quite classical - so none of these really the same ticket

- Steve Bernstein / Sex Mob's Solid Sender has good fun, some chaos, and steady rhythm - though falling back on covers (something FB Tinissima 4et also do in other albums) makes some of it a bit... predictable.

- Frisell is of course a good tip (and I've come across him in various of his many guises); James Davis is pretty akin in tone and approach, the linked track is missing that quid of punk funk energy, but I'll look at more of both their work.

(The Necks do great atmosphere, btw - the crepuscular mood reminds me of Bohren & Der Club of Gore... (read the comments!) - though, as you say, it's maybe something else altogether.)

Another name that lust came to mind as a reference for the kind of thing I'd love to discover more of is the early Golden Palominos (though they're a bit darker...)

Thanks all, meantime!
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(Minor follow-up: I stumbled across Colin Stetson, who scratches something of this itch, and also remembered Medeski Martin & Wood.)
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If you like Colin Stetson, check out out Dawn of Midi, who use traditional jazz trio instrumentation to do something that sounds like minimal electronica.

And for scratching of the early Golden Palominos itch, listen to Material's 1981 album, Memory Serves -- a lot of the same musicians as GP, plus some amazing Real Jazz people.

More things to check out from that 80s downtown NYC avant-jazz mashup scene: Love of Life Orchestra, the Ordinaires, the Microscopic Septet, the Jazz Passengers, Defunkt, God is My Co-Pilot. All very different, but various moments might hit certain sweet spots.
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And, hey, since you seem to be up for things that are lateral moves away from your original request, I just want to put a word in for Jan Jelinek's 2001 album Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records -- subtle, almost-not-there music made from micro-samples of jazz recordings. It's miles away from the kind of thing you initially described, but I think it's really brilliant and you might dig it. Headphones recommended.
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Loving the loopery&minimalia, serendipity galore. Thanks muchly, neroli.
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