Ideas for digital caricature distribution?
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I've been hired to do caricatures at a local high school grad party in June. Do you have any good (and preferably cheap) ideas for sending the finished drawing along with the grads? I work on a windows computer / tablet, so the art is digital.

This is the 2nd high school grad party caricature gig I've done. Last time, I offered two methods:

1.) I printed pictures after finishing and had a folder on hand so they could collect their drawings when they wanted. I assumed that people wouldn't want to carry a paper around all night. However, it seemed that some were forgotten. Or maybe they didn't want the finished product :(
2.) With their consent, I collected their email address and sent each person their drawing after the event was over and I had some time. I didn't love this option because I felt a little invasive about it. Maybe it's fine?

So far I've considered: lil' flash drives for everyone (expensive), CD-Rs (I have lots of blanks, but then it's a thing to carry around). Online file hosting might be an option, but how do I let people know where to find their file?
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I wouldn't have a problem with the "email me after" option, I don't think it's invasive, email addresses are for people to get stuff they want sent to them.

Spitballing regarding online storage: have a bunch of businesscard sized pieces of paper printed up, with something like "" and then each time you do a drawing, you fill out one of these and hand it to the subject, making sure you remember the name so you can put the image in there when you are able to. This poses some "tech support" issues, with people mistying or mistaking a "I" for an "l", and you needing to track down what happened. I'd still go with "provide email address and get the image sent to you within 24 hours" option is fine to me.

(Another thing about online storage: you may need a method for ensuring people other than the subject drawn can't browse through the system by guessing paths and see everyone's sketch -- not everyone may want their sketch to be "public", even slightly-accidentally-public)
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tweet it to them.
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Unless privacy is a big issue with caricature, create a FLickr or a Google Photos album. Then have small business cards (or similar size peices of paper) with the URL.
If it's a high scholl everyone might have instagram accounts too.
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From your tablet, could you send to email immediately? Like they could type in their email address and it would send the current file to them?
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Freezer cake beat me to it; I'm not familiar with Windows as a tablet OS these days, but most of the art apps I've used for iOS have a 'share by email' feature that flattens and e-mails a project as a JPG or PNG in one step.
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Emailing someone something they're asking you to email them isn't invasive. There is zero need for you to over-complicate this.
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Just email them. Anything else is over-complicating for you AND them.
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Alright then! Sounds like email really is fine. Thanks for your feedback, everybody!
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