What is this Fish Actually Called?
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We got this fish from the specialized fish store a few months ago, and the store called it a "yellow fin", but the only "Yellowfin" I could find is tuna, which this clearly is not. So what is this fish really called?

It's a freshwater, community fish that seems to be doing well in our high pH, high KH, and very high GH aquarium.
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Golden Wonder Kilifish? Or at least some other variant of killifish?

Killies are one of those fish with intense fandoms, so you should be able to find all kinds of resources to learn more.
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Yellowtail? I've seen this confusion sometimes
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Thanks, Lyn, that is it. My wife found the receipt a day after your reply, and it sure says Killifish. It also seems like it has lots of names for the same thing. New things to research!
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