Durable micro USB cable?
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After going through quite a few of these in the last 5 years, I ask you, hivemind: Does anyone make a micro USB cable with a high build quality that can withstand daily use and hauling around?
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I bought the USB C version of these a while back, and they've held up great. Very flexible for how sturdy they feel. I've only had them ~6 months so I can't speak to the super long term but so far they have held up 100% with daily use, including travel to and from work tossed in the bottom of my tote bag. I am a klutzy jagoff, so the longest one has been rolled over with my office chair dozens of times and still works perfectly. I actually have no excuse for this, because the longest one has a handy lil velcro loop on it to wind up excess length.
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I've had good luck with these for the last year or so. None of them broken or showing any signs of doing so. The fabric cable covered ones seem to be a lot better than their plastic counterparts.
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I have several Anker PowerLine+ cables (just because I like to have one for the car, one for home, one for travel, etc.), and all have held up very well (and the plug head is small, which, depending on whether you use a case, might be a plus).

Anker makes a bunch of different kinds of cables--the ones with braided nylon covering the cable are probably the most durable.
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I've got a couple of the braided Anker cables box mentions, and they're great - much more durable than any other cable I've used, and the usual break/strain points are much better reinforced than on a standard cable. They're only a dollar or two more than the standard cables so I'd definitely give them a go.
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My girlfriend goes through USB cables like she's eating them, but she hasn't managed to destroy the Powerline that Anker graciously sent me in replacement for a standard USB-B cable that stopped working after a couple of months. It's definitely the longest-lasting cable she's ever had. (I love her, I just have no idea what she does to the things!)

I don't know if this is possible for you, but I found that it was way easier on my cables if I had one I just left at work and one I used at home. The transport is really hard on them.
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Anker is the only accessory company explicitly competing on quality and durability, and they have great customer service.
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Anker most definitely. I like that you can get them in various lengths. I have several of their cords, portable batteries, charging hubs and have been very pleased.
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Another vote for the Anker Powerline cables. I haven't tried the Micro USB, but I used to chew through Lightning cables all the time, but the Powerline I've been using for the last year and a half looks and as far as I know performs like new.
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Anker is the choice. But I've gone the other way and bought cheaper 3-5 pack cables from Amazon with good reviews. This way if I lose it or it breaks, I just get another one out. It's also nice to have a cable everywhere (home/work/travel bag) so I spread the wear out.
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