Blade Runner Beverage Brainstorm
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I'm going to a friend's house for a double-feature screening of Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 tomorrow. I'd like to show up with a pitcher's worth of delicious, non-alcoholic, themed beverage. Whatever this post-apocalyptic punch is made of, it's going to be called Tears in Rain. I need help with an appropriate mocktail recipe! Replican't you help me, Hive Mind?
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When you describe its ingredients, say that you added "just a dash of petrichor."
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Clear, non-alcoholic punches.
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If you have access to a blacklight, you could use this ice cube recipe to make your punch glow like a dystopian umbrella handle. (LED 'ice' cubes are also an option if you have a place to obtain them.)
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Salty lemonade?
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You know, a honeydew shrub might be nice! I’ve used this recipe with honeydew and it comes out very nice. Just add to club soda or seltzer and you are good to go.
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I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

Stacked ice chips in layers off the shoulder of a rind.
Vitamin C streams glitter in the dark near the 10 citrus zest grate.
All those ingredients will be tossed with lime sherbet, like...

Tears in Rain:

Ice chips
Lime Juice
Lime sherbet
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I think you should infuse water with cucumber and melon (but remove before serving so it is just clear liquid), sweeten to taste with simple syrup, and put halation's glowing ice cubes in it. There you go. Tears in Rain.
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that kind of aloe juice from the Asian market that has bits of aloe floating in it
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I recently tried salty lemonade, and would not recommend. I can't imagine an entire pitcher. My first thought was something with cucumber soda, there are quite a few brands that offer it now. This seems like a fussy version of this, which wouldnt be a bad option.
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If you can find some butterfly pea flowers in time, this color-changing butterfly pea lemonade would be fantastic.
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So many good ones! I used machinecraig’s base recipe to make a Meyer lemon and ginger shrub with halation’s glowing ice cube recipe. I ran out of white sugar and I had to use some came molasses sugar, so the overall effect is kind of muddy, but I suppose that makes it all the more dystopian.

Ouroborous, the next nerdy sci-fi event I host is 100% going to feature that stunning beverage.
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