Listening that makes my mind/soul expand?
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Recommendations for mind blowing lectures/convos with iconoclasts?

I like long form, academic, original, quirky, captivating lectures, conversations, or podcasts with iconoclasts on interesting subjects. I enjoy Alan Watts lectures, Joe Rogan (if he's talking to someone really interesting), some Hardcore History, the Feynman lectures. I want to feel my mind/soul expand :-) while listening.

What I'm not interested in is shorter form, more mainstream listening like TEDTalks, Philosophy Bites, How It Works, Revisionist History, etc.
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I'm struggling to totally understand what you mean by feeling your 'mind/soul expand' but Janet Mock's 25-minute talk on embracing otherness in a 2015 Super Soul Session definitely helped me see the world in a new way.
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I think you put it well: help me see/understand the world in a new way
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These are people whose lectures greatly impacted me, any them are easy to find if you google their name and the word lecture:
Timothy Snyder
Charles Taylor
Ira Katznelson
Michael Ignatieff
Michael Sandel
Slavenka Drakulic
Ivan Krastev
Agnes Heller
Judit Butler

And these (they passed away but a great number of their lectures are in you tube)
Peter L Berger
Zygmunt Baumann
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You might enjoy Joseph Campbell’s lectures. I’ve been listening to them via Apple Music but I’m sure they are on YouTube as well.
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I do enjoy Joseph Campbell. Online I find snippets of about 10 mins, but I would be interested if anyone knows where I can find longer, free lectures, that aren't the Power of Myth.
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Calm-voiced 70s zen hippy Alan Watts is amazing.
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This might be too mainstream for you, but I often have that mind/soul expansion feeling from OnBeing podcasts. They also release the unedited versions, which aren't so produced and allow for longer digressions from the guests, which can be really interesting. I think that Krista Tippett does a great job of allowing for deep conversations about thorny matters that might not have easy resolutions.
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