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White collar, middle-aged career guidance resources?

I'm around 50 and have been doing the same white collar job in a mid-sized corporation in the US for about 20 years, evolving into first level management (still also a working manager) about 10 years ago. For various reasons, it may well be getting time to move on. I am not really looking to advance but I'd like to still earn a decent salary. I may want to stay in my industry, I may want to move to something else. I may want to find another management job, I may want to go back to being an individual contributor.

Where would I go these days to get some ideas for what I may want to do and for current advice on how to look for and apply for jobs? Is What Color is My Parachute still useful? Are there other books? Web pages? Online or IRL programs or workshops? Are there career advisors for people like me - mid-level, mid-career, middle-aged? How does one find them?
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The Career Tools podcast is a wealth of info.
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Try contacting your nearest American Job Center, if it is anything like the Canadian equivalent that my wife works at they should be able to set up a session to help guide you through these questions. A lot of people think these offices are for the unemployed or blue collar workers but the staff are often trained to help people at all levels of their career, and usually for free.
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