Allergists of MeFi, I have a question
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I would like to know what pollen/other allergen that blows up my hay fever when I visit Poland in April-June.

I'm from the US, and generally I just have reactions to Bermuda grass and mountain cedar (acting up in the spring and fall, respectively, but usually not too badly). When I visit Poland in the springtime, however, I basically sneeze nonstop through April and May. Is there a way to cross-check allergens in northern Europe that don't also exist in North America? I'd like to find out what it is that makes me suffer (not that it'll make a difference).
posted by orrnyereg to Health & Fitness (4 answers total) 1 user marked this as a favorite's page for Poland might have some leads; for different destinations in the US I've found very useful. I've never used PollenInfo but it seems to cover a lot of Europe with varying degrees of up-to-date-ness; the site itself is Austria-based.
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Not an allergist, but used to live in Poland. Look at birch and birch pollen and things that mimic birch as possibilities. Article in Polish here, English here.
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I also suspect birch. But the grass species are differnet too. Where do you live in the US? That would help a lot to narrow it down.
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For a "pollen calendar" in Poland see here

The pollens vary by month AND region. The names are in Polish but should be easy to translate via Google Translate.
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