Should I worry about my eye?
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I have felt pressure on my right eye, off and on, since last Friday night. It varies, but is sometimes painful. It started just around my eye socket.

On Wednesday, my eye felt very dry and irritated. That has continued but to a much lesser degree. That gets some relief from eyedrops.

On Thursday, I began having mild cold symptoms.

Should I see anyone about the pressure on my eye and around my eye socket, and a little on my cheek? I feel no relief from sinus medicine.
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I'd see a doctor, yes. It may be nothing, but I know pain around the eyes can sometimes be a symptom of more serious neurological conditions.
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I'd see a doctor for this if it were me, and I'm not one to go to a doctor for every little thing - either a walk-in clinic or if the pain was more than just low-level I'd hit the ER. I have zero medical background though. I hope you are feeling better soon!
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Yes, doctor. Eyes are fragile and important.
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Does it matter whether it is a GP or an eye doctor? I can probably get in to see a GP sooner.
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GP first. They can triage, relieve pressure (pressure around the eyes is BAD) and may be able to accelerate your seeing whatever specialist is necessary.

I'm also on Team See A Doctor Now, which is not a team I'm often on. My wife had a skin infection around her nose and eyes last year and we learned that things like that can go south pretty quickly.
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If you use contact lenses, it's probably not a bad idea to avoid wearing them (or at least minimize the time you wear them) till you see a doctor. I recently had a similar feeling of pressure in one of my eyes, and my doc said it was mild inflammation caused by over-wearing my contacts.
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nth-ing go to a doctor. I'm usually firmly in the aw-let's-wait-a-few-days camp, but I go into 100% full-on doctor mode when it comes to my eyes. Being extremely nearsighted and having been at risk of retinal detachment and lesser self-inflicted corneal damage before, I'm always terrified about damaging my sight. It may turn out to be fine, but if something is wrong, the potential damage could be very serious, which tips the balance for me.
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Eye weirdness is almost always a go see a doctor now sort of thing. If you're in the US and you don't get charged a lot for Urgent Care, I'd go do that today. And like gauche, I'm not usually on Team Go See A Doctor Now.
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Try to get an appointment with an ophthalmologist as soon as you can.
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If I had serious eye concerns, which I did recently, I'd try to see an ophthalmologist - they are the experts on eye diseases and such.
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Thanks, everyone. I just back from urgent care, where I got a prescription for prednisone. There is no infection or anything serious.
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Glad you went, but urgent care docs are not eye folks, so.... I would follow up with an opthamologist for this because you only get the two eyes. (I have one working eye. The other one stopped working when I was 30. I’d rather have two working eyes.)
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Definitely follow up with an ophthalmologist. Anything bad enough to require prednisone is serious enough to require a good follow-up.
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Seconding artistic versimilitude - prednisone is a heavy duty steroid used to fight systemic inflammation. It's the right urgent care triage, but it also warrants a follow-up with someone who can try to tell you *why* you needed prednisone.
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