Take another little piece of my heart (emoji)
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I went through a breakup at the end of last year and am sorting out final fews bits and pieces with my ex over email. How do I stop his name appearing in my email with the little emoji hearts that I once saved in the contact info on my phone? I am a mac user - Macbook Air, iPhone 8, and Mac Mail.

I am still hurting and definitely still angry but being brave and getting on with things. Every time I hear from him, those little hearts are like a punch in the gut. I've removed them from the contacts in my phone and I'm aware that it won't be long before I can safely never speak to him again, but for now, I need free of those painful emoji reminders of what was lost.
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You may want to check your syncing settings for your contacts? Mine have, from time to time, defaulted to "syncing" as opposed to "overwriting" which it sounds like what you are trying to do. I think you can go to your settings in iCloud and "restore" from the cloud version of contacts which will overwrite the other ones? You could just try deleting him entirely, adding a new contact for "BAH MY EX" and see if that will do it. Sorry you're deeling with this, tech can be salt in the wound sometimes.
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