What are the best Las Vegas dining experiences?
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My parents have offered to take my husband and I out for a "dining experience" while we are in Vegas during the second week of March this year. I'm overwhelmed by the restaurant options and not being a local is complicating things. Cost is not really an issue. If you had one great meal to eat with adventurous diners in Vegas (no dietary restrictions) what would it be?
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If cost is really not an issue, you could go to Joel Robuchon. I went 5 years ago, it was definitely an experience, although I didn’t consider the food to be that superlative.
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So many choices indeed, jealous! The first two recommendations that come to my mind:

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Among my favorite restaurants in the world is Bouchon at the Venetian.

My wife and I have had a very nice dinner at mizumi in the Wynn

Bobby Flays at Caesars is very good as well.

Mario Battali has a fine restaurant which I won’t be eating at anymore-ymmv
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it was a long time ago but the tasting menu at Aqua was incredible. (at bellagio)
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My wife has nothing but superlatives for Jose Andres’ Bazaar Meats.

The best fine dining service I’ve ever experienced was at Emerill Lagasse’s incarnation of Delmonico.
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It's hard to go wrong in Vegas if you're willing to pay. I'm partial to Bouchon and Jaleo. I also really like Lotus of Siam. None of these are really undiscovered. I try to go to all three of these everytime I'm in town
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Twist At the Mandarin Oriental if you’re aiming for elegant and imaginative; Zuma at the Cosmopolitan for lively and hip.
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Yes, I really like Bizarre Meat— at SLS hotel.
— a party of four is about the smallest group I recommend for Meat.
A lot of fun to share the dishes. Everything is tasty.

Guy Savoy is also a wonderful restaurant for an experience.
They are so gracious and friendly. The helpful waitstaff will explain the Menu. But not snobby at all.
(They have little benches for your purse— how classsy is that?)
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The W Steakhouse at the Wynn. The food was amazing, but for more than that request a seat on the balcony. It was super comfortable despite chilly weather because they have a bazillion heat lamps (like one per table). And the balcony looks out over the Lake of Dreams, with a gorgeous lit waterfall that periodically stops for mini lake-object shows. It was one of the highlights of my trip.
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Wicked Spoon is an amazing buffet. We were there in 2011 and 2016 and it is a great value.
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Lotus of Siam is the best Thai food that I've had anywhere. I go to Vegas a few times a year and always make a point to eat there at least once.
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Lotus of Siam is not the fanciest restaurant, but it really made an impression on me. Sour sausage, crispy rice, no curries, it is really distinctive. The wine list isn't what it was, but it still has an outstanding variety of German riesling that is absolutely spot-on with the food. But maybe you should take them there!
I loved the tasting menu at Jaleo, but the "private dining" experience there at "é" is really wonderful. Book now, it's almost sold out that week. Or for a different type of special, Bazaar Meat at SLS and Jean Georges at Aria are two of only eight restaurants in the U.S. that are permitted to serve Kobe beef.
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Yellowtail at the bellagio. Pretty easy to get into it. Amazing food. All seats can see the fountains. Try the salmon poppy role and the lobster carpaccio.
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I love Bouchon in the Venetian. If you like French bistros, it's an excellent restaurant.
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For options at the Wynn (I think I've been to all of them, which is kind of horrifying now that I write it down), I've actually been most impressed by Sinatra. The marketing for it made it kind of unappealing to me, but it the food was excellent, more interesting than I expected, and the service was really wonderful. Will also second SW Steakhouse (as a vegan!!). I've been consistently underwhelmed by Mizumi - I think Andrea's or Wing Lei are both stronger options.

I'll recommend against Sage at the Aria. It was pretty mediocre for the cost, though it's pretty and the service was good.
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I just ate at Nobu in the Hard Rock. It was amazing. It's a Japanese (sushi) restaurant. I understand that there is also a Nobu in LA and Miami, so not super unique to vegas.
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We ended up doing the tasting menu at Bazaar Meat and it was very fun. The service was excellent and we sat right in front of the fire/meat counter which made for excellent people watching.
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