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What clicker/incremental game should I play next?

I've been playing Clicker Heroes for ... well, let's not thing too hard about that, shall we? ... but I don't like the new update and it isn't fun.

I've also played a lot of universal paperclips over the last couple of months, and I'm kinda done with it now, I think.

In the past, I've liked Adventure Capitalist and Cookie Clicker. I didn't much like Crusaders of the Lost Idols -- there was just too many variables thrown into the pot too quickly and I never really managed to understand the mechanics of how any of them worked separately.
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Eggs Inc? It seems to be unlikely to update so there is an end you can see.
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I'm playing Realm Revolutions right now.
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Adventure Communist?
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In the past, I've liked Adventure Capitalist and Cookie Clicker.

How far in the past? Cookie Clicker got some *major* updates in 2016 and 2017 that added more depth; fun to revisit if you'd previously played the older version.
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Green the Planet 2. Also, Tiny Sheep.
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I enjoyed SPACEPLAN. Looks like it's changed a lot and there are non-free versions now, but the "prototype" is still available. Not exactly a clicker/incremental, but Seedship is also a lot of text-based fun.
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I am playing Egg, Inc right now. I tried it, despite it being not at all what I really wanted (something I could play on my laptop, something not too terribly hands on) and now, as is the way with these games, I can't stop. I will likely try a bunch of the others, too.

Thanks, all!
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(And by "Thanks, all!" I mean "You've ruined my sleep and my carpal tunnel for the foreseeable future!"
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Slidey also seems to be a nice one.
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There's Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms if you want your clicker game to have a bit more D&D focus.
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Hahah, and now there's a huge update to Egg, Inc.
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