Two things I've lost on the internet (Grace Paley quote, music pdf)
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Grace Paley said something to the effect of "all I understand of the stock market is when someone fires a thousand workers, the market goes all the way up." I have googled various parts of this sentence and can't think what else to google, but surely it's on the internet somewhere or where did I read it in the first place? She of course said it in her inimitable language.

(I'm having this problem a lot lately. It's probably silly to lump both into one ask but it really is the same problem, after a fashion. I also months ago googled up a note for note transcription of Paul Smith's accompaniment of "Miss Otis Regrets" as heard on Intimate Ella, in pdf. I have also for this googled everything and no dice. I'm sure if it came up more easily, someone would have cease and desisted it, and indeed perhaps they have.)

It is the strangest thing to have this infallible memory known as google and then it has so many things on it you google, and whatever thing doesn't come up and what the hell are you to do.
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Google keeps a terrifyingly detailed log of all your activity (which can be cleared, but most people don't); try searching there:
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Have you checked your browser history?
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Response by poster: I have a boring desk job and google ninety things a day.
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