Portable Dishwasher Hack
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We'd like a portable dishwasher, however my husband really likes our current pullout spray faucet. What are my options for keeping some type of spray thingie and being able to hook up the faucet?

I'm wondering if there's a way to run a regular dishwasher hose from a tee through the hole where a deck-mount sprayer would go. Obviously it would need a connector and a shut-off somehow, but I'm not sure what specific parts to look for in order to make this happen.

Also considering a deck-mount sprayer instead of the pull-out, but I've read that the wee side sprayers can't withstand the pressure when the dishwasher is running. It seems like maybe that could be solved by a shut-off valve at the source to the sprayer- which we would have to mess with every time we run the dishwasher. Any other ideas? A more robust sprayer of some sort? Or perhaps you've got this set-up and have not had a problem?

I've read this AskMe, but adding an entirely new secondary faucet for the dishwasher alone is not an ideal solution for us! We also can't hard plumb because there's no room for the dishwasher by the sink.

Please be specific with examples as I am not a plumbing whiz of any kind. Images and schematics are good.
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When I say "hook up the faucet" I mean "hook up the washer". Gah!
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I bought a house last year where the owner had this problem and they solved it by by putting a hookup in the cabinet under the sink as pictured here. I'm not sure how they did it exactly, but I know it's possible. I'm assuming the cabinet door was open while the dishwasher ran. Maybe a solution you could make work?
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We just attach our portable washer (clothes, not dish in this case, but I think it should work the same) to our pull-out sprayer faucet hose. In our case, the faucet/sprayer part unscrews from the hose part. We just needed one small adapter (which we leave permanently attached to the hose that goes into the washer) to be able to very easily attach the washer hose to the sprayer hose.

Maybe you've already tried this and your faucet doesn't unscrew the same way, or maybe you want to be able to use the sink without unhooking the dishwasher, but if it's just that you don't think you can attach a pullout spray faucet to a portable appliance, that's actually nbd!

(I think we may be causing more wear and tear on the faucet hose and the attachment point than usual, but the faucet we have is not particularly fancy so I figure we can always replace it if it fails, and in the meantime we have a washer!)

(On actually clicking through to your previous link, I guess this is not what you want? But it's super-easy. Very fast to screw on and unscrew.)
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Thanks! We might try either of these options. :)
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