How to restore WhatsApp messages?
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I found backups of my messages from an old phone and number (both of which I don't have anymore). Is there a way to "unpack" and restore these files so I can see them on my new phone, or even on my computer?

My backups are on Google Drive. I've checked WhatsApp's FAQ here, but it it doesn't address the issue of restoring messages if one no longer has their phone OR their number. I'm at a loss.
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It is not possible to restore a backup from a phone with a different number.
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This Windows program says it can decrypt WhatsApp backup files. It apparently needs to use your Android account to do it -- you don't have the old phone but do you still have the email address that your Google/Android account was linked to?
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I was unable to find a way to restore a whatsapp backup from an old phone number. If it's possible, I don't think it's easy. I would be wary of services that want access to your accounts in exchange for a promise to do this.
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