What do I do about dog peeing on own leg?
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What do I do about my dog peeing on his own leg?

My two-year-old small dog has, as of 3 days ago, started peeing on his own leg every morning. He used to squat without hitting his legs, but for the last 3 days he has peed on a front leg every morning. Needless to say, it is annoying to need to wash his leg each morning when he comes inside.

Is there anything that I should do to try to improve the situation? If I try to catch him peeing on his leg it and make a loud noise and say "no!" will that help or just undo his house training? Give a treat when he does not pee on his leg but do give treat when he soaks his leg?

He gets 2 walks per day, and when on a walk he lifts his leg so it is not a problem. In the morning when he first gets up as well as right before bed I let him out on a lead to pee. It is the morning potty time that has been the problem. At night he seems to have better aim. Do you think he is still sleepy, and I should wait until he is up for an hour? Any other thoughts?

If it matters, he is a 10-pound mixed breed, and we think he has Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier in him.
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I really need an obligatory pic to really assess this situation to the fullest ;)

Strongly advise against any kind of reprimand while he's peeing. He can't associate a scolding with the peeing on his leg part specifically, and will only get that you're reprimanding him for peeing, which will lead to all kinds of problems wayyy worse. If it's only happened a few times it might just be a laziness thing or a still sleepy thing. Can he hold off on peeing for a bit right after waking up? I would give it a few days, if he doesn't self-correct, ask your vet.

Dog wipes were made for this kind of thing. Some dogs pee on their legs their entire lives and wipes are really great. A natural, moisturizing wipe with a light essential oil scent might be nice. Ours loves the cherry ones. We've had two male corgis, and while their peeing apparatus is way too far away from their front legs for any spraying to happen, they have always managed to step in the pee while walking away from it. Like......every. single. time. We gave up trying to counter it in any way and now just keep dog wipes at the door and attached to the leash ;)
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Talk to a vet. There could be some orthopedic issue like hip dysplasia that is making it harder for him to assume the right stance.
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I would suspect an orthopedic issue if he's never done this before. Do you notice if it happens only on one side? Regardless, I would get him checked out. And whatever you do, don't reprimand him! How can he possibly know what you're correcting him for? And don't wait to pee him either--what's the first thing you do when you wake up? That's what dogs need to do too. Just get yourself a pack of unscented baby wipes and wipe his leg off if he pees on it. They don't have to be special dog wipes but do get unscented ones.
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If he only gets outside 4 times per day he might have to reallyreally pee in the morning which is making him a bit less careful. How long between night pee and morning pee? If it's more than 7 or 8 hours I'd try letting him out more often.
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My dog just did this! When I first read your question I didn't feel I had any reply, but I know exactly why my dog did it. Normally he is very careful about stuff like that, so I was very surprised, but this morning he was stressed. He had stolen some candy we had forgotten on the kitchen counter and he really needed to poop, but since he only likes to poop in secluded places, he was totally hectic when we came out of the house and couldn't focus till we'd found the right place. Before that, he peed on himself. Then he went back to his normal habits.
I'm not suggesting that your dog steals candy, but that he somehow feels stressed in the mornings. Can you make him feel like he has plenty of time? He doesn't, I know, but can you give him the feeling? When I was housetraining mine as a puppy, I got the advice to never go directly home after he'd done his stuff, so he didn't get the feeling he would be dragged in as soon as he'd finished.
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