Off-season honeymoon in Kennybunk, ME
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I'm getting married in just a few weeks and we're going to Kennybunk, ME for our honeymoon. I'm not familiar with the area especially off-season, and was wondering if some locals would share secrets in the area, including Portland, ME. We'll be there for three days. Thanks in advance for your awesome and fun suggestions.
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Be prepared for many places in Kennebunk--hotels, restaurants, etc.--to be closed for the season. Portland is a decent-sized city, so you won't have that problem there.
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I don’t know about Kennebunk but Portland has ALL the food and beer. Could you post about any food/beverage interests or restrictions? There’s enough there that you can narrow it down and we can still give you easily three days worth.
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So, my wife and I did our honeymoon in Portland in September, 2016... which was basically "stay in the middle of town and eat spectacularly well for three days."

We'd recommend Central Provisions, Eventide and Miyake if you want very tasty meals.
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In the town of Kennebunk, there's a restaurant called Duffy's that I ate at several times. Like an Applebee's-type place: burgers and chicken wings, ESPN on the TVs. Nothing special, but pleasant.

There's a gelateria in the Old Port in Portland that's tasty. My favorite Portland restaurant closed (which I learned about here on Metafilter, alas), but there's no shortage of good places to eat.

There's a section of the Berlin Wall on some random pier in the Old Port. I happened to wander across it on November 9th, which was neat.

I've been to the Maine coast in January before, and because it's so empty, it's a perfect time for walking on the beach. You'll have it mostly to yourself. Obviously stay out of the water, but otherwise it's a blast.
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If you’re going in February there Might be some romantic stuff in kennebunkport
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South of town, there's the Nubble Lighthouse in Cape Neddick. Ogunquit has a walking path along the rocks where you sometimes see seals. Mount Agamenticus is a short drive inland with some short trails and nice vistas, no idea about wintertime access though.
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Love Portland. So much delicious food there. You should try Duckfat - it is kind of a staple of the area. I very much enjoyed the breakfast I picked up from The Holy Donut last time I was there as well. I love Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth. I don't know a ton about Kennebunk specifically, but it's a lovely little area. I usually stop by the outlets when I'm down that way.
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I live in Portland and work down near Kennebunk. Kennebunk is inland and right next to Kennebunkport which is beautiful. Yes, many restaurants and shops will be closed for the season.

Portland is awesome. Much bigger so while a few things on the waterfront do close in the winter there are still lots of things open.
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Many restaurants and shops are open year round in the Kennebunks - things don't totally shut down like Old Orchard Beach. Any place you're booked into will have a myriad of recommendations for things to do and places to eat. There are several local beaches for bundled-up beach walking - Goose Rocks, Kennebunk Beach, Mothers' Beach, Parsons Beach.
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If you are into any of the outdoor activities that 'LL Bean sells gear for, you might want to check out their flagship store in Freeport about 15 miles north of Portland. If you Google "llbean Freeport", you can see a schedule of special events like hikes and classes on things like fly tying and fire starting.

Once upon a time, I attended a concert by the Portland Symphony. I wonder if it still exists.
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Consider this another vote for The Holy Donut... they do glorious donuts.
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I loooooove The Front Room in Portland (Munjoy Hill neighborhood). I haven't been for awhile, but it's a lovely, cozy, delicious restaurant in a neat little neighborhood.
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Portland is great. Some things I like in the Portland area:

~ Breakfast sandwich at Tandem on Congress St.
~ Breakfast at Hot Suppa
~ Bagels from Scratch Baking Co. (or the Toast Bar)
~ Dinner at the Blue Spoon (not famous, not big, not fancy, just... nice)
~ Dinner at Sonny's
~ Fancy dinner at Fore Street, Five Fifty-Five, or Emilitsa
~ Independent bookstores 1, 2, 3, 4
~ Many of the approximately 200 breweries
~ Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth
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