How to archive old text messages?
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I'd like to pull all the text messages I have off an iPhone 5c and save them to a PC, so that the phone has more free data but I don't lose the messages. Is this possible?
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There are tons of apps that do this in the app store. Depends which features you want. I have an Android phone, but I use something called SMS Backup Plus that saves all my text messages to an Gmail account. It does it on a real-time basis but it could also archive everything at once too.
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Possible but not cheap. iExplorer is the app frequently suggested for this sort of thing that is dual platform. PhoneView from Ecamm is a good one for Mac. CopyTrans is another one for PC.
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Back it up in iTunes and install a program on your PC that lets you browse an iPhone backup file, like Backup Viewer. If you encrypt it in iTunes I think you can feed it the password to browse the backup but you may want to test that before you wipe.
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SMSs are not big: you can fit thousands of them in the size of a single photo. Are you sure they are what is taking up all of your space? Or are they iMessages with video and photos?
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Response by poster: It's over a gigabyte... I imagine it's significantly pictures or videos within the messages, but I wouldn't know how to find the specific messages that are particularly large that I could save and then delete from the phone.

Thanks all!
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Updating to the latest iOS version introduces new features (Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage) that identify large attachments in iMessages that allows for easier scrubbing to recover storage.
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