A nice cup of tea all over my 100% wool yarn
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I need help from all you experienced knitters and felters. I am making a pair of felted slipper clogs and I just dumped a full cup of steaming hot tea in my knitting bag.

not on the slipper, thank God, but on the huge ball of yarn I am using. Will that mess my felting up? I am leaning towards just going to get another thing of yarn because it's a lot of time and effort to risk having the wool not felt properly but I'd really rather not if I don't have to. Any advice from someone more yarn savvy than I am?
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It takes hot water and agitation to felt. If the yarn still looks and feels like slightly bedraggled yarn, it's probably fine. Try to dry it gently in front of a heat vent or something. One good roll up in a towel to squeeze out should be fine, especially if it's cooled.

If it feels significantly different to knit than the un-doused yarn or it's hard to see the plies, it might be worth replacing it and using the damaged yarn for something less gauge-sensitive (stuffed animal?).
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It will be totally fine. Rinse the tea out, squeeze with a towel, air dry, and carry on knitting. Spilled tea isn’t going to do anything to your yarn.
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Unless the tea started the felting process because it was so hot and you somehow rubbed the wool onto itself, this will be ok. If I were very worried I would reskein it and soak the skein in cool water and lay flat to dry but I doubt that's necessary.
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I'd be more worried about staining than premature felting.
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That is my very favorite knitting pattern!!
You are going to be fine.
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