The stabbing is very cathartic...
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I have just discovered needle felting! Where can I find inspiration for fun/nerdy projects, tips on technique, and any other useful bits of information? (Ideally for free...)

I'm looking for things more along the lines of blogs to follow than Etsy stores, but any suggestions you have would be grand.
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Wool Pets has a pretty good blog - and I like Jenn Docherty. Good links here too. But I do troll etsy for some inspiration - I've never looked to see if any of them have blogs, though. Happy stabbing!
posted by peagood at 5:42 PM on November 21, 2011 is an awesome place to find patterns, groups, and inspiration for felted and unfelted fiber arts.
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Perhaps Craftgawker?
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Needle felting is a big thing in Waldorf education, so that might be a keyword you can use to find cute projects and technique advice.
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Instructables has a few entries on it.

I really like your title.
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How about flickr? links to this flickr page.
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More by Made by Moxie.
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mrs. mmascolino took a needle felting mini-class at this year's MaxFunCon from Jessica Charlton. She seemed very friendly and would probably be open to pointing you to some resources.
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get in touch with: Maplerose, Nelson, BC, Canada
swell folks, lots of materials and cool works of felt.
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Pinterest has all your inspiration needs:
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The craftgossip felting sub-blog has lots of links to cute projects. Not all are needlefelted but you can figure that out from the photos.
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