looking for bedcovers from weavers, quilters, and craftspeople
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I'm in the market for some new bedding and I thought it'd be nice to support craftspeople and small weaving/sewing/quilting businesses (and hopefully get something nice and long-lasting in the process). I'm sure Etsy or Folksy have at least a few good ones, but I'm not well-versed enough to look at a quilt or woven blanket and say "that's quality work right there." Can anyone suggest either shops to look in or people to buy from, online or in the NYC area? A few more details inside.

My bedcovers strategy is currently, from innermost to outermost layer and from lightest to heaviest: sheets > blanket > quilt (I'd also consider a comforter or duvet instead of a quilt). Let's ignore sheets for now and focus on the rest.

-Queen size (60" x 80")
-Preference for natural fibers

In terms of style, I seem to be gravitating toward modern quilting or simple geometric styles without too many colors in them -- that's evolving though, so don't hold back too much on account of style.

I'd also love any tips on what to look for to tell a quality woven, sewn, quilted, or other craft-verbed item!
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I adore my wool comforter for the cooler months. I didn't buy from a super small company, but here are a couple smaller businesses that make them:


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It looks like there's a New York Weavers Guild with a member directory.
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Berea College Crafts Catalog The cottage throw might meet your needs.

Berea is an incredible small liberal arts college in Appalachia where tuition is free because of its work college status, and much of the diverse student body are first-generation college students. Many of the students do their work requirement by learning how to create traditional Appalachian handcrafts. I haven't purchased their textiles, but I have purchased a couple of their brooms.
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Natural fibers and simple geometric designs woven in Guatemala
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This is my mother's shop:


She is a perfectionist and does amazing work! She would be happy to do something to your style, just message her.

just don't tell her my user name! lol
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