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Has anyone seen a non-Konfabulator Windows Start Menu replacement that allows the user to enter the names of programs to run?

I believe that there is a Konfab widget that uses "narrowing strings" to seek out and quickly run any program found under StartMenu. (For Acrobat, enter A-C and it will pop up.) This is a brilliant idea, one which would avoid a lot of mouse clicks as I drill down into the Start Menu, but I do not want to deal with Konfab issues. Has anyone written such a thing as a small program rather than a widget?
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Same thing. Install it, press ctrl-space, type away. It's a new program and it seems a little buggy but wow, I am really loving this!
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I use Google Desktop for this, since it indexes the start menu. Just keep it running in floating deskbar mode. To start Acrobat, all I have to do is type 'a', down arrow twice and hit return. Works for me.
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you can also try App Rocket. Unlike colibri it's not that buggy and it also searches metadata (like Launchbar/Quicksilver on the mac) aaand it costs money.
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I've used AppRocket to do this.
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Even in its alpha state, Colibri is the closest thing to Quicksilver/LaunchBar I've found on Windows. AppRocket never felt right to me.
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You'll be happy to know that Windows Vista will be including this functionality via an advanced search bar that's smart enough to sort apps 'n such, right in the start menu.
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Um, but, in the mean time, thanks for the colibri suggestion... I'm already using and loving it. Fantastico.
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What is the widget in Konfab? I've only found "Launcha" using a few keywords from your description. I'd like to make sure I can check out the specific widget you are discussing.
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Best answer: Colibri wouldn't work for me on win2k. So far, despite the goofy name, find and run robot works best for me.
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I tried Colibri, but found that it didn't quite do everything i wanted. SlickRun is way more customizable and has a much better support base via user forums.
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Colibri seems closer to Quicksilver than AppRocket (which I've been using for a while), but it doesn't index as much of my system as AppRocket (e.g., tiny apps hidden in folders on my desktop show up in AppRocket but not Colibri)-- is there any way to tune what it looks at (I realize the thing is really new).
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I use what is described in this blog entry. No additional software necessary.
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AppRocket is a pig. Find and Run Robot is the bomb, though-I use it like a reflex now and if it's not installed on a computer, I feel bereft.
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