Macro Social Work in Philadelphia region, No Luck for the past 6 mo
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My friend recently moved over from Baltimore to Philadelphia for personal reasons. In Baltimore she worked at Social Work organization co-coordinating federal grant money to 12 partners providing refugee services around the US. Her job related to training,performance of each partners and organizing conferences for these partners. Now that she has moved to Philadelphia, she has been applying to multiple jobs over the past 6 months. There have been only about 2 interviews and almost no response from the non-profit sector jobs she has applied to. My question is whether this is related to the overall nonprofit sector hurting due to the current political climate or as simple as resume not tailored to ATS systems.

For reference, here is link to resume Any suggestions from the hive mind.
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Best answer: That's a very short CV for a mid-career professional (use the whole two pages), and nothing in there about budget sizes, etc.
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Best answer: I agree, looks a little short on detail, especially for the longer positions. It also looks like the work summary for one of the internships is missing completely. It's definitely worth getting specific on budgets, number of staff managed, etc..
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I don't know anything about social work, but it is common to put periods at the end of the bullet points for each position.
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I agree that the scope of these agencies and her caseload is just not represented in this resume. There are a LOT of social service agencies in Philadelphia and a lot of positions being posted all the time, so there is obviously a demand for qualified professionals in this area...but we also have a lot of local universities with well-regarded MSW programs.
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