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Is there an easy way to download an archive of all the conversations within an OKCupid profile prior to deleting it?
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Sadly, OkCupid doesn't appear to offer any options to do this, either in their settings page, or in their support pages. Manual copy-pasting of individual threads (from the desktop website) appears to be the easiest available option, although someone posted a Python script to do this in the /r/OkCupid subreddit a couple of years ago, which may or may not still work.

Also note that as part of OkCupid's most recent change to their messaging system, if the other person has disabled or deleted their profile, then your conversation history with them is hidden, and those messages can't even be viewed anymore. An insidious secondary effect of this (IMO) foolish UI decision is that once you delete your profile, anyone else you ever chatted will suddenly lose access to their conversation history with you. (At least on the desktop and mobile websites-- on my iPhone app I can still see old message threads with deleted users, but that's probably only because I haven't yet updated the app to the latest version.)

If it's not something worth the trouble of saving manually, consider it part of the process of grieving and letting go-- strange how a dating website can create such powerful attachment, even to messages from people you perhaps have no desire to ever meet again....
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