Questions about signing an agreement for a parking space
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We're renting a parking spot from someone at their house and they've asked us for a copy of our id and car registration. Is this normal? Or something we should be wary of?

My wife is starting at college at the end of this month. Parking is hard to come by, so we posted an ad on Kijiji asking if anyone had any parking spaces available. Someone replied that we could park at his house for $50/month. Seemed like an ok deal. We wrote back asking if he had an agreement for us to sign, he said he did and he'd send it over. He also asked for a copy of my id and a copy of our car registration. This is my first time signing this kind of agreement. Should I be wary of giving a copy of my car registration and id out? Or is this pretty normal for these kinds of things? If it matters, we're located in Ontario, Canada.
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Best answer: It would be normal in my neighbourhood, just in case something ever happened and they needed to identify the car at the place or the people who have been coming and going from their property.
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Best answer: Yep, normal in my area. The lessor may need this information to keep his own insurance valid. He probably wants to validate that you legally own the car in case his property is damaged.
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