How do I disable touch screen on a kindle fire 7?
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I’d like to disable the touch screen on our kindle fire 7, so our toddler can’t randomly click on things while he’s watching a video.

Seems like it should be easy, but after googling for an hour, I still can’t do it. We’ve got Sesame Street playing in the video app. Any wisdom appreciated!
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Disabling the touchscreen on a touchscreen only device? I'm not sure how that would work.
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i use touch lock on my android tablet when my son is watching. not sure if it's been ported to the amazon appstore.

the one trick i found was enabling the touch lock app caused amazon video to pause. touch lock has a setting to delay the lock for 10 seconds so that i can restart the video and it'll lock automatically.

i have it set for a simple double-tap on a specific place to unlock but i think there were more difficult unlock options too.
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Can't help you with the app but if you want to use the one that noloveformed suggested (or, indeed, anyone else) then it's trivial to get the Google Play store onto your Kindle.

Once you've done that, you'll have access to a much larger market of apps.
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