What brand is this fleecy vest?
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What brand is this fleecy vest?

I bought this fleecy vest back in October, at a discount store. It's got a warm fleecy inside, and a dark navy outside, quilted-woven, and also some synthetic material on the sides. It's really nice, and incredibly warm.

Wanted to recommend it, but upon looking at the tag, it looks like the name brand was cut out, and only a bit of the tag was kept.

Can anyone tell me the brand, based on this image?

It's kept me really warm these past few days, and I wanted to recommend it to others, but find that I can't, now. It's just bugging me. I've tried looking up T and logo and it's not very helpful. Thanks for any help.
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Timberland was my first guess as well, but it looks as if their logo has a tree in it.
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I really want to see if there is an answer, but I don't know the logo and I've totally whiffed on searching for it. Can we possibly get more info? Which discount store, image of the vest, are there *any* other numbers/labels on the side, or anything on that bottom bit of tag in the image shared? I really want to know now!
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Tumi/tumi t-tech
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Response by poster: Here are more pics, front, back, inside, and the care tag, which has some numbers at the bottom.

Purchased at Reny's in Tospham, Maine, late September or early October. They sell discounted clothing, Columbia, etc. and other brands. I think I paid $16.99 for it. If you buy Columbia, a similar item might be $35-$40, for instance.

So it could have been last year's item, or something that some department store had an excess of, or something else.

The Tumi logo does look very close, but haven't found one like it from searching. I know it's a long shot, but thanks!
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Response by poster: Sorry, the bottom bit of tag was the size. Nothing else.
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Best answer: I googled the number on the tag (CA 23147) and got results for Talbots stuff so I google image searched for Talbots logo and after scrolling a bit saw your T-in-a-circle logo. It's T by Talbots, which looks to be their casual line.
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