Muchas grassy ass!
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Wheat grass growing and juicing at home suggestions please!

Because I enjoy starchy face puckering health supplements with dubious claims to efficacy, please recommend to me your *cheap* *easy* grow your own, juice your own wheat grass solutions. I'm thinking like $30 for a sprouter, $30 for a hand crank juicer. The less soil the better. Not really into powders unless it's a full greens mix. Thank you!
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I think it's going to depend on what you mean by sprouter. Wheatgrass needs to be cultivated past the broken seed stage, unlike stuff you might just sprout and eat such as alfalfa or beans. You're also going to need a bunch if you want a regular juicing supply.

So I'd try to diy/scrounge the actual sprouting jar (pickle jar! hardware store screen mesh!) because you'll need maybe 4 flats and some growing medium. I know you said less soil, so look into these plans to build a hydroponic? I haven't done it personally, but seems reasonable and sincere.

I also want to mention Rejuvelac! It's a big fat tangent to your actual question, addressed above, but it is the miracle cure for the astringent, face-puckering aspects of wheatgrass, and a sound nutritional counterpart. Years ago I had the great good fortune to be able to patronize the Wheatgrass Barn. Every shot was served with a Rejuvelac chaser, either lemon-honey or beet-ginger flavored. Further reading here, here (also has a method for growing the grass in ordinary garden pots) and here. Happy juicing!
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