How to format a PO box address in Canada? Do I need to include all info?
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I just got a PO box in Canada. I got it because I need to include the address in emails I sent, to comply with spam laws and/or mailchimp policies. What info do I need to include?

The full addess we got from the post office is:

My Company Name, Post Office Box 10541 Bloorcourt Post Office, Toronto ON, Canada M6H 6H9

Can I make it shorter? Is it okay to just say:

My Company Name, P.O. Box 10541, Toronto ON, Canada M6H 6H9

Or do I need the name of the post office?
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Sorry to be a butthole but can you ask the office where you're renting the box? It could be they have that box number at other offices and need the office name to distinguish.
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I would abbreviate PO Box but include the address of the post office instead of the post office name. Canada Post addressing guidelines for PO boxes
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The Canadian Post says you need to include something about Bloorcourt. Plug your address in here, (without the Bloorcourt info) and it will pop it in for you. (It abbreviates it as RPO Bloorcourt.)
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(I guess I had hoped there would be only one POB 10541 in M6H 6H9...)
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Hello, Canadian postal worker here. I personally would format your address as follows:
Company Name
PO Box 10541 Bloorcourt RPO
Toronto, Ontario, M6H 6H9

Although it is unlikely there is another box number with the same postal code, not putting "Bloorcourt RPO" or "Bloorcourt Post Office" is a little like not putting your street name for your home address. Also there might be a PO Box 10541 at a similar postal code, so designating the specific post office is a helpful part of the address.
*RPO stands for Retail Post Office which is a franchise post office staffed by private outlet store employees like a drug store and is differentiated from CRO which is a Corporate Retail Office staffed by Canada Post employees. I mention this as the RPO workers generally make barely over minimum wage and don't get much if any proper training and generally would not know or care about the subtleties of formatting your address, all they know is what they printed off for you when you opened your box.

You would be surprised (or not) by how much mail gets mis addressed due to typos or misheard/ misread letters/numbers etc- just switching the 6 and 9 in the postal code would cause your mail to be delayed or even returned, but having "Bloorcourt PO" on there will at least give a clue to someone trying to redirect it properly. Lettermail is sorted by machines by postal code and then by civic address. If anything doesn't match up the letter gets sent to manual sort which means someone has to determine where the typo is - was it in the postal code or the PO Box number? So more info is better protection for you.

However.... if this is just for formatting on a mailing list and you are not expecting actual letters to be mailed to you from people reading this address on your email footer? Screw it - just format as you were hoping to without mentioning Bloorcourt. But for any parcels etc sent there, do include it or risk delays.
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