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I want to buy a replacement modem for my Mac LC II. Before ordering the same external Global Village 56k that I had before, is there some other option I'm not considering? Also, back in the day I had some alternate modem scripts that made it work faster. Any idea on where to find these? Thank you for any ideas!
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Response by poster: P.S.: this machine is serial port only, no Ethernet.
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you may not get the results you want. since land lines switched to voip for the most part, there have been reports that modems no longer work reliably, but it may be worth trying. also I would suggest a true Hayes hardware modem rather than modems like the global village. as for at strings, the only ones I remember are atm0 for turning off the speaker, ath for hanging up, and atz to reset when I mess up. while you are at it, there are accelerators for the LC PDS slot. and the ram is cheap, you should max it out.
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I want to buy a replacement modem for my Mac LC II.

Before you shell out money you might want to ask around. I know a lot of nerds that have modems just hanging out in drawers who would be stoked to give them to someone who could use them. If you're in a largeish area, try that first via Craigslist or Nextdoor or your local re-=use tech place. Here's a list of Modem Commands from US Robotics including ones that will force certain connect speeds etc.
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Check out for advice . . . That is one of the best 68k Mac groups out there. I gave up on modems and use an Ethernet card on my ancient mac (SE/30J.
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Response by poster: Exciting update... I have found my modem! I don't think there's an Ethernet option for this machine. Will report back.
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Best answer: There are, and they are pretty cheap ($15 - 50). You need a PDS card. You can even find new in sealed box Ethernet cards for LCIIs. There are a number of compatible cards on eBay right now.
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