Accentuate the positive?
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I have 12 old roll film (I think) negatives, each approx 3 1/2 ins x 2 1/4 ins. Can I scan them using my Canon 3-in-1 printer and then convert them to positives? Irfanview does not seem to do this. Need help please.
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Best answer: It should, though. Have you tried the 'Negative (Invert image)' menu entry in the Image menu, as shown here?

(I can't try it out because I don't use Windows anymore. But I used to loooove Irfan.)
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And yes, a flatbed scanner can do this; it's not the most convenient way, but it's certainly possible. A slide scanner is just a scanner with a smaller form factor and trays that slides / negatives fit in. Other than that, it's the same thing, pretty much.
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Best answer: I use Windows (and Linux) and just verified that on Windows Irfanview version 4.42 64 bit does invert images using the keyboard combination Ctrl-Shift-N (for Negative) as Too-Ticky pointed out above. From the drop down menu it is Image - Negative - All Channels.

I also highly recommend Irfanview to everyone I know (FWIW), and own a Canon MX870 3-in-1 printer. On the other hand, I have never scanned roll film on a flat bed scanner of any kind.
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Are they black and white or color negatives? Scanning color negatives is a whole lot more complicated.
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Response by poster: I have just checked my Irfanview 4-40 64 and indeed it has the same commands on the menu.
They are black & white negatives from before color film was in common use.
Very many thanks to you all!
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