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Boston parking filter: I'll be visiting Boston for 7 days (and one overnight tomorrow, with a two day break after) around New Year's. I'm staying in town and looking for a place I can park my car for most/all of the time for a low cost (i.e. obviously not at my hotels). Where would you recommend I leave the car?

Potentially pertinent details:
I'll be staying in the heart of the city (Fenway, the Theater District, near the Pru). I'll occasionally use the car - day trips to Western MA, Vermont, etc are all possibilities while I'm in town - but I won't be using it every day.
I'm perfectly happy to have it at, say, a Park & Ride in Braintree, vel sim, but it would be nice to have it closer to me.
I used to live in Boston, so I'm familiar with the city (and not intimidated by driving in/around it), but I moved 10 years ago so I'm not currently familiar enough to come up with a great spot on my own. I've got no accessibility concerns of any kind, but would obviously prefer to have my car somewhere safe.

Any thoughts?
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The parking garage at Alewife T station (red line, out past Harvard station) is $7/day, $8 overnight. So it should be $56 for 7 nights. Not sure if that fits your criteria of low cost?
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Best answer: Seconding parking it at a T stop. Riverside station is the D line terminus and has overnight parking, similar rates as mentioned above but a bit easier to get to based on where you mentioned staying.
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Response by poster: Ok, love the Riverside idea but I should have added a question to my Park & Ride option - do I have to pay each day individually - i.e. do they assume I'll be there daily to pay for my parking? I can't find much information about my situation via the MBTA since they seem to assume - whether you park once or regularly as a commuter - that you'll be back within 24 hours.
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Best answer: Now that the T parking lots use an app, you can pay for multiple days at a time.


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If you're staying near Fenway, you can park for free for multiple days a lot of side streets in Jamaica Plain, which have neither meters nor parking permits.
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Best answer: Parking in my neighborhood of Jamaica Plain is really easy and as long as you stay off the snow emergency routes, you can safely leave it there basically indefinitely for free. MeMail me if you'd like more specifics.
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